Sharktistical Analysis: SER 2, Electric Boogaloo

If there's one thing I know, it's stats. If there's another thing I know, it's Fear the Fin readers. You are hungry for more Sharktistical Analysis...starving even.


It's ok. Mamma bird is here. I've chewed up some new Skater Efficiency Rating information for you, and I'm ready to regurgitate and fee...


Ok, I think that analogy is getting pretty thin/disgusting. But I do have a new and improved SER sheet that does almost exactly what I want it to. The last sheet put too heavy of an emphasis on punishing players for taking penalties, which is fixed. All in all, it's pretty perfect.

Since the Sharks have a few days off, I thought it would be a good time to compute each player's SER... so I did.

Remember, the SER calculates a player’s efficiency per minute per game, and does not measure intangibles. I think that we would all agree that Murray, Staubitz, and Shelley bring more to the table than pure stats, but so far I’ve been unable to assign a value to kickin’ ass. Here are the current rankings.

Jamie McGinn* 34.52*
Dan Boyle 16.03
Patrick Marleau 13.25
Devin Setoguchi 12.52
Ryane Clowe 10.39
Joe Thornton 10.09
Milan Michalek 10.02
Joe Pavelski 9.83
Chrstian  Erhoff 9.72
Marc-Edouard Vlasic 7.90
Jonathan Cheechoo 7.28
Thomas Plihal 6.45
Lukas Kaspar 6.33
Mike Grier 5.99
Rob Blake 5.18
Jody Shelley 4.03
Marcel Goc 3.02
Brad Lukowich 2.48
Jeremy Roenick 1.01
Doug Murray 0.74
Alexei Seminov -0.63
Brad Staubitz


*Sample Size: 5 G, 5:40 ATOI

Note that McGinn's number is high due to the relatively low minutes he played over his 5 games with the big club. He most likely wouldn't be able to sustain that kind of production over a season. That being said... DAMN! He sure was good in his limited minutes here.

I was surprised that Dan Boyle was in the lead when I first computed the values, but looking at his play it really seems as if he has been the heart and soul of the team so far (with stong supporting roles played by Patty and the Goochmaster).

If you disagree with the rankings, let me know. Feel free to comment, I appreciate your (polite) feedback. For anyone who is wondering, a league-average player sits in the 4-6 point range.

To any who received version 1.0, 2.0 is on the way. I know, I'm awesome.


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