Dropping the Gloves x4

[Editor's Note]: From time to time I'll promote Fanposts onto the front page- tonight is one of those times. Idunno723 takes a look at the astounding number of fights in Monday's game against Nashville (four by my count, but I ditched a lot of class in second grade) and breaks down each one. Join him in his analysis after the jump.

For all you hockey-fighting lovers there were 4 fights in this game against the Nashville Predators. Fighters for the Sharks included Jody Shelley, Joe Thornton, and Brad Staubitz.

In this first fight we have Jody Shelley fighting Greg de Vries in the second period at 11:45

At the start of this fight de Vries got a two or three punches in and Shelley trips. Once Shelley gets back up and regains his balance he takes control of the fight. He gets five rights in and de Vries loses his helmet. Then for no apparent reason the refs break up the fight. I call this one a draw. De Vries had control at the beginning getting a few hard punches in but when Shelley got in to control he also got hard punches in. Now if the refs let this fight go on longer Shelley would've most likely got the win.

In the second fight Joe Thornton fought Scott Nichol in the third period at 6:40.

Before the fight begins Big Joe and Nichol were pushing and shoving right off the faceoff. They both drop the gloves and Nichol throws a lot of punches. Since Big Joe is about 7 inches taller, the punches barely hit Joe's arms. Once Big Joe is balanced he throws a few punches. They mostly hit the top of Nichol's helmet. Nichol then loses balance and pulls Joe down by grabbing his jersey and the both hit the ice. This ones a draw because neither of them had any clear punches in.

In the third fight it was Brad Staubitz vs. Jordin Tootoo in the third period at 6:42.

Right when the ref drops the puck Tootoo and Staubitz drop the gloves. Tootoo tries to wrestle and he falls, and once he gets up Staubitz gets some heavy punches in. Once Tootoo regains his balance he also gets some heavy punches in until the refs break it up. Although this one is a great fight it is another draw because they both dominated but no clear winner.

In the final fight it was Jody Shelley vs. Greg de Vries Round II in the third period at 6:46.

Shelley was just vicious in this fight. At the beginning they both were throwing punches. Shelley gets a lot of big rights in and de Vries just held on for his life. Shelley noticed this stop throwing punches and the refs broke up the fight. Finally a clear winner with Shelley beating up de Vries


Go ahead and share your thoughts.

[UPDATE] If you are bored, play all the videos at once. It sounds cool.

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