SPG Sunday Standings


This week on FTF!!!

Sharktistical Analysis

The Heist

Sharks Gamedays

A Budding Rivalry? (CHI)

Rock Star Supernova (DAL)

The Games That Never Get Shown on TV (PHO)

Gameday Wrap Ups

Sharks Win 3-2 in OT; Khabibulin & Johnson Injured (CHI)

Dan Boyle Scores twice; Sharks Demoralize Stars 6-2 (DAL)

(Yawn, Stretch, Sigh) Sharks win....again (PHO)

The Pavelski Show; Sharks Win 3-2 (PHO)

Keeping Tabs

When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse For The Dallas Stars.....

Keeping Tabs: Olli Jokinen Out 2-4 Weeks


Sharks Greats Voting Reminder

Sharks Sign Claude Lemieux To Tryout Contract

Will It Always Be Four In The Net Pizza You Get?

Happy Turkey Day!

Grier Fined $1,000


Whew. Ugliest post ever. Ray Charles knew what he was doing when he went blind at age seven. Is that okay to say? I mean it with all due respect, but still.....

As for SPG standings, the table's huge. Join us after the jump. Work those phalanges kids!


Player Score
sharkiesgirl 8 points
serrapadre716 8 points
marcello 7 points
godiina6 6 points
Netsky 6 points
LurkerShark 6 points
coreymulhair 5 points
chilibean_3 5 points
DaveValentin 5 points
idunno723 4 points
TheRobberBaron 4 points
SwisherThresher 4 points
Section223 4 points
sjsharkdude 3 points
MrPlank 3 points
Cowteek 3 points
sharks 2 points
senor_k 2 points
schtimpy27 2 points
ThatllCheechYou 2 points
GoldenStateGuerrero 2 points
imovermyhead 1 point
Metatron 1 point
Amoc 0 points

FTF Staff is looking weak here- a combined five points, good enough to be tied for seventh if we were considered one entity. Which we are. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that? Yeah, That'll Cheech You and I are combining points. Have fun suckas!*

*Seriously though, sharkiesgirl, serrapadre716, and marcello have been on fire as of late. Congrats guys (or would it be gal and guys?)


Go Sharks.

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