Sean Avery is an idiot pt II (or is it pt 2,000,000?)

[Editor's Note]: Sharks has his take on the Sean Avery debacle. If you missed it, Sean Avery was suspended earlier this week before Dallas' game against Calgary. I don't necessarily agree with all his points, but felt it was noteworthy enough to put on the front page.

Alright I know this topic has been hammered to death but I just had to get my two cents in. As we all know Sean Avery is a massive idiot, this is really not news. Getting suspended for being a moron isn't something we should be surprised about. What surprised me were some of the reactions I saw to this whole thing.

First off however, my opinion on the comment/suspension: The suspension in my mind was completely justified. If you disagree, personally I really don't have all that much a problem with that, and I can see where someone with the opinion that a fine would have been more appropriate is coming from 100%. However what did you expect the league to do? Sit on it's hands and hit him with a little fine later on? Doubtful that would get any kind of message across. Yeah I would have loved to see the fights or the hit where Avery got his clock cleaned, but It reminds me of how the NFL started putting restrictions on TD dances, sure you love to see them but I completely agree with the way the No Fun League handled it (I like all the TD celebrations except the ones where guys prance around like faeries...but that's another topic for another blog for another day). So for that reason I'm pretty ok with the suspension. Had they not suspended him, well I wouldn't have been all that pissed about that either. Also it's not like the NHL can keep Avery from playing against Phaneuf forever.

The video, from YouTube:

First thing I notice is how pissed Turdo was, which pretty much summed up how angry the rest of the teammates were but they just didn't want to say it to the media. That's the biggest thing here, how stupid a distraction is this is to force on your team. Believe me I find this hilarious as much as the next Sharks fan does because of the division rivalry and all, but seriously how frickin stupid is this to dump on your teammates, all because he just wanted to get under Phaneuf's skin (or more likely to gain his insecure ass some attention). Will be interesting to see what comes out of Avery's meeting with the commish, until then he could always go play with his purse collection.

This post from Yahoo's Greg Wyshynski was, I thought, a massive overreaction. He drops some nice cheap shots at the NHL and at Gary Bettman probably because thats just the easiest thing to do in order to get readers. He also says the NHL didn't do anything when Ian White commented that Ilya Kovalchuk would "get what's coming to him". This has to be the dumbest comment ever to compare to what Avery said, not only was it not sexist in any way, it wasn't even inappropriate. And the "rendering the game unwatchable" part? Well, come on, my guess is it would only have been watched by Hockey fans salivating at the chance to see either a massive on-ice brawl or Avery get his head knocked off. It was already pretty f-ing unwatchable before his comments anyway, so why such a big deal. No way it would have brought more people into the sport and no way did the NHL "drop the ball" here. If the NHL just let it go, they would have had a massive media firestorm the next day. Wow, let's hammer on the NHL for actually acting professional just like any of the other big 3 sports organizations would have....

Lost in all this was Avery's misuse of the term sloppy seconds, something I immediately noticed being the dirty minded person I am. Technically using Avery's definition anyone whose ever been with another person (pretty much 95% of the population) would be considered sloppy seconds. In fact he would fall under that too. Here's the sloppy seconds wikipedia page for all you fifth graders (that includes me), not so sure they needed the last part of the 1st sentence though. Also notice Avery is linked to the page...nice.

Another funny thing I found: Gary Bettman gives the fans his position using Yahoo Answers. You can decide if it's real or not, either way it's still pretty funny.

One last thing: Avery did apologize.

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