A broken-hearted Sharks Fan

Dallas, TX

Apparently Brenden Morrow brought a dagger with him Sunday night, because he sure stroked a dagger deep into the fatigued heart of the San Jose Sharks. And once again, the dagger hit us Sharks fans hard, crushing our hopes.

We believed in those insurmountable odds and 33.

We believed that despite being weary from playing in 4OTs, they would come through for us.

We believed that the Sharks could finally overcome adversity, that this year was different from the previous 3 seasons. That this year was OUR year

We believed in OUR San Jose Sharks.

But once again our hearts were torn from our chests like Tony Stark's in the blockbuster movie Iron Man. But one key difference. Tony Stark had a backup heart which he inserted back into his chest a few minutes later. We will have to wait another year before our hearts will heal. And even then... our hearts may yet again get torn out from inside our chests.

In spite of that, I have to give the Sharks an A for effort, at least in the classic game that was game 6. Nabby was unbelievable, incredible, almost invincible. The other Sharks also gave everything they had. If our hearts were in grave danger of being broken, our beloved Sharks poured out their own hearts and souls to attempt in a last ditch effort to save ours. But alas they shouldn't have even let Brenden Morrow get so close with his dagger.

The past three years have all ended in round 2 heartbreaks. But after watching the Sharks put up every ounce of grit and determination they had, every minute from 6 PM to 11:30 PM Sunday night , I have a little more faith in these San Jose Sharks.

And I have faith that next year they will again put their hearts on the table in an attempt to prevent ours from breaking. But this time from the very start so that another dagger will not be able to come so close again.

If they don't, I wonder if my heart will ever heal.

However, in all honesty, the Sharks have made me proud to be a Sharks fan in the last 3 games and for that I say thank you.

P.S. damnnn that Brenden Morrow. AGHHH

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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