Dropping the Gloves: Triple Edition


Welcome to Dropping the Gloves, the seventh one in its existence. Today we will explore the battling of three Sharks. Two of them do not fight very often (guess who they are), so their fights were quite interesting.

Round 1, we have Jody Shelley vs. Derek Boogaard

A very, very intriguing fight between two heavyweights. Boogaard can be quite scary as seen here. This was the 5th fight between them. They start the fight getting ready, and waiting for one or the other to make a move. Shelley grabs on to Boogaard first and they both have a hold on each other. Boogaard throws some heavy rights and some left jabs while Shelley is holding on for his life. Shelley does get a right in but right after that Boogaard breaks Shelley's helmet. Boogaard obviously gets the win.

Round 2, Alexei Semenov vs. Tim Jackman

The fights start with Semenov and Jackman dropping the gloves. Semenov and Jackman both get what looks like weak rights (I mean they look weak after watching Shelley vs. Boogaard up there). Both hold on for a while, and Semenov gets the big take down as part of this wrestling match hockey fight. Semenov gets the win if you take takedowns into consideration. If not a draw.

Round 3, Christian Ehrhoff fights Doug Weight

Before the fight, Ehrhoff was at the boards fighting for the puck. During the process Ehrhoff gets elbowed to the face by Mark Streit. He retaliates by shoving Streit to the back of the head. Weight, who probably didn't see the elbow, initiated the fight against Ehrhoff. Weight pushed Ehrhoff from the behind, and Ehrhoff turned around, and they agreed to fight. Both threw a lot of punches that looked weak, and most of them didn't land (they're both non-fighters, if you can't already tell). I call this one a draw, because there was no significant winner.

And since there can only be one poll per post, I'll just poll you guys on, who's the more pathetic fighter (rather than, which team fights better, or who's uglier).

So here are your choices, Sidney Crosby or Alexander Semin. Thats right the talented have recently showed that they can (try) to fight.

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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