Dropping the Gloves: Week 1

Wow, what a week for Sharks hockey! Already 4 games into the season and there have been 7 fights.* Oh fun...
Fighters for the Sharks included Jody Shelley, Scott Nichol, Ryane Clowe, and Frazer McLaren. Fighters from the other teams include some other dudes.

Oh by the way Dropping the Gloves will have a different format this season (it'll have a format!). Instead of posting one after each few games or so I'll do a weekly one. This way Fanposts won't get clogged up and it'll be easier for me because I'm a busy guy, you know.

*This post was written prior to the Minnesota Wild game.


In the second game of the season against the Anaheim Ducks, Scott Nichol fought Mike Brown... twice! Not as great as one would think.

The first one was booooooring. Stoppage in play and the Sharks are chirpin' with the Ducks. No punches thrown, hugfest to the ground.

Now the second one... was different. This one involved more people. Several people got penalties but only Nichol and Brown got fighting majors.

Um, that one guy jumped on that one guy, then the other guy jumped on them and then they all fell. Okay... what I meant by that a scrum behind the net started when Dan Boyle cross-checked Todd Marchant. Duckies said, "hey you're not supposed to do that." Nichol and Brown proceeded to pair up. Thanks to unfavorable camera work for Dropping the Gloves, we only see Nichol and Brown roll around on the ice. I give round 1 and 2 a draw.


Game 3 vs. the Kings. Jody Shelley fights Raitis Ivanans.

WOOOO Jody Shelley ROCKED Ivanans.

Okay not really.

Staubitz makes a late hit on a icing play. Ivanans goes after him but Jody drops the gloves before Ivanans could damage Stauby. Jody got a good punch in when the fight was initiated but Ivanans got a tiny bit more in. The fight ends with Ivanans trying to arrest Jody but the refs break it up. Win- obviously Ivanans.

Okay. Unsurprisingly Jody Shelley got some heat from this fight. Here are some reasons why you should like Jody for this fight. Imagine if Ivanans got to Stauby. That would be even worse. Jody told him "Nooo please, not the kids. Take me." Did you guys see all those punches Jody took? He was still standing after them, he's one tough dude. Also a good amount of Ivanans punches hit Jody's helmet, so he probably hurt his hand... suck it Ivanans.

Second fight of the game: Ryane Clowe vs. Wayne Simmonds

The boys in Teal and the Queens start up some trouble near the blue line. Wayne proceeded to hug Clowe. Clowe completely shocked him when he threw two rights. Then they decided to hold on to each other... so graceful. Refs break it up. Draw. Edge to Ryane Clowe though. It's a draw because Clowe did nothing "special" to "win" the fight.


Game 4 vs. the Blue Jackets. Here's Ryane Clowe (again!) fighting Michael Blunden.

Before the fight starts, Clowe steps out of the penalty box. He was in the sin bin because he had a questionable hit, that the Blue Jackets obviously did not like. Blunden challenges Clowe. The fight starts off a bit slow. Clowe trying to throw'em but can't get loose. They fall but get right back up. That's when Clowe absolutely destroys Blunden. Clowe visibly hurts Blunden and the refs break it up. Win goes to Clowe.

From this fight, you gotta give props to Blunden though. He stood up for his team and risked getting beat up (which he did). The part his teammates will remember is him standing up for his team.

Second fight of the game? Frazier McLaren vs. Derek Dorsett.

Those not familiar with Dorsett, he's an established fighter. So is Frazer McLaren but this was his first NHL fight. Fisticuffs start with both fighters struggling to throw punches, then both begin to become really REALLY off-balanced. Dorsett at one point was behind Frazer throwing punches. While all this happens Frazer struggles to get his right hand lose. Once he dose, everyone pauses to reflect on the moment. Frazer unleashes his power, and throws 6, 7 punches. All right on Dorsett's face. Refs break it up because they're tired. If you notice at the end of the fight Dorsett pats Frazer. You gotta love these guys and what they do. Win easily goes to Frazer McLaren.


So there you have it, weeks full of fights. And now for tonight's pointless poll... (they serve no use, but they're fun!)

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