Dropping the Gloves: Week 3 (Now updated)

Welcome to Dropping the Gloves: Week 3 (or is it really week 4)

Yes, you read the title right. Best fight of the season thus far and possibly of all time. Guess who. Yup, it's Brad Staubitz. He's at it again after absolutely destroying Jordin Tootoo. That fight earned him nicknames such as Stabby/Stauby, Tootoo destroyer, or even 'Bitz. The verb "Staubitzed" became widely popular after the legendary fight.

(Commence Drum-roll) And here is this very awesome fight (Brad Staubitz vs. Eric Boulton):

That was an amazing fight!! To bad you couldn't really tell from the video though, because they only showed the end of it. I'll describe it to you as best as I can. Staubitz laid a hit on a Thrasher, and Boulton didn't like that. He asked Staubitz if he wanted to fight and Staubitz happily replied, "YES PLEASE!" At this point the camera's weren't on them anymore. Boulton actually pulled out a gun on Staubitz. Staubitz responded by doing a round-house kick and his skate cut the gun in half. Staubitz then chased Boulton around the ice several times until Boulton jumped over the glass into the stands trying to run away. Staubitz takes off his skate, and tries to hit Boulton Happy Gilmore style, but since this game was in Atlanta the fans were on Boulton's side. A fan gave  Boulton a shovel and he promptly hit the skate out of Staubitz's hand. He swung at shovel and Staubitz, but Staubitz broke it with his fist. Boulton got so scared he fainted. I guess you could consider it a KO. After that the refs broke it up. When climbing back over the glass Boulton trips and Staubitz falls on top of him. And at that point the camera was back on them.

Brad Staubitz gets the WIN in this one. This was such an epic fight. So epic I actually used the word "epic." These kinds of fights happen so rarely. It's too bad they didn't get it on camera though.


Oooh what now? Another fight? Yep this one was Frazer McLaren for the Sharks. Baby Sharks that is HAHAHAHAHAHA (dang I'm hilarious).

Hey lookits! Frazer can beat up guys in the AHL too!


In the game against the Flyers, Jody Shelley fought with Ian Laperriere:

Before the fight, Jody gives Mike Richards a little bump to the shoulder. Ian (not spelling out his last name)didn't like it and challenged Jody. Jody got a few good right's in and took Ian's helmet off. Jody threw a few more punches to the back of Ian's head, and brought him down to the ground. Jody wins! Not that special of a fight though, entertainment wise.


So that's it for Dropping the Gloves... BYE

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