Lidström wants Murray on Olympic Team

It's nice to see a player of Lidström's caliber backing Crankshaft in his bid to fulfill a childhood dream - to represent his country in the Olympics. The only thing standing in his way is the indisposition of Bengt-Å, but beware the Dougernautt.


Aftonbladet Blog




(rough translation):

Nicklas Lidström wants defenseman Douglas Murray on the Swedish Olympic team in Vancouver - revealed to Sportbladet hours before the start of tonight's game against Anaheim.

"As the Olympic Games are played on a small rink, I think he would help us a lot with the physical game, "says Lidas.

As defenseman go,  Nicklas Lidström and Douglas Murray are as far apart as possible, but Lidström says that Douglas Murray's 190 centimeters and 110 kilograms are needed in the Olympics.

"I think it would help to have that kind of defender on the team when the game is so different on smaller rinks. He has always played well when we've met with San Jose. He is a very physical defenseman who is tough to meet. He and Tomas Holmström have had some hefty battles, "says Nicklas.


Douglas Murray is honored:

"It's a great compliment when it comes from him and the Olympics has always been a dream, "says the giant San José defenseman.

Murray made his national debut in the World Cup in Quebec in 2008 and got his big break with the Swedish audience. With his osvenska style of play (?) and rock-hard hits he quickly became an idol. In the group stage match against Russia, he violently tackled Russian star Alexei Morozov, who collapsed on the ice. Murray received a match penalty and was suspended one game.




Turned down

He was also available for the World Cup in Bern, but he was turned down by (Swedish National Team coach) Bengt-Ake.

"It's not the whole truth, "said Douglas by phone from St. Louis. "I'd been having a little problem with the body, as I told Bengt-Ake. But had he wanted me I would have gone anyway...I would never say no."


How do you see yourself in your chances to play the Olympics?

"It is entirely up to Bengt-Ake, but it has always been a dream to play for the national team ever since I was little. It was an incredible feeling when I got to be in the World Championships in Quebec. And the Olympics, is of course, the biggest one can be part of, being on the national team. It's always special when it's all the world's best available."

-Mats Wennerholm



Douglas Murray tackling på Alexej Morozov i hockey-vm i Kanada. Anton Strålman tog en hockeyfight med handskarna på mot Ilya Kovalchuk. Mer på:

"I had even warned Morozov about it before the opening faceoff, I told him he wasn't in the Russian League anymore and that he has to keep his head up - but he didn't listen..." - Murray, IIHF 2008.



SAN JOSE SHARKS: Douglas Murray Profile/Stats



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