Dropping the Gloves: Two fights (plus one for SLGT!)

Hello Alls. Today I've got three fights for you today. One from last Saturday, and two from Tuesday. So you ask, "but the Sharks only fought once on Tuesday!" That is right but on Tuesday I ventured off of FTF grounds and went to St. Louis Game Time. I watched part of the Blue's vs Wing's game. During that game I witnessed a crazy fight that seemed like it would never end. It was so awesome it needs to be shared with you. But before we get to that we have to stick to our beloved Sharkies.

First off, Jody Shelley vs. Georges Laraque:

Before the fight starts, Laraque runs into Dan Boyle. Nothing big, just a hit. Jody Shelley gets over there, makes sure Laraque knows what happens if you mess with a star player. The heavy-weights drop the gloves. Shelley immediately goes for a right. Unfortunately Laraque dodges it, and Shelley loses balance. Laraque takes this as a sign to go crazy, and he does. He gets several punches in and eventually drops Shelley. While Laraque got the win, the only thing the Sharks know is Shelley stood up for a teammate. You have to respect Jody Shelley. He's awesome.

Brad Staubitz vs. Krys Barch:

Before the fight starts, Staubitz pokes Barch with his stick and says, "Wanna go?" Barch agrees and they drop the gloves. They grab each other around the blue line. After a few turns, Staubitz and Barch start throwin'em. They both unleash a flurry of rights. Staubitz contacted more. Barch leans into Staubitz, and it takes Staubtiz down. He hit the ice hard. This one's a draw, no clear winner (I might add that take down's aren't considered an indicator for wins).

And now for the fight of the day: Cam Janssen vs. Aaron Downey

The boys drop the gloves and it takes a while for them to get a hold of each other. Once they did I thought, "great another hugfest that lasts forever." They stopped huggin each other and started throwing punches. Each one tries to control the other. Janssen starts throw rights and lefts that land. Janssen gets tired for a bit, they hug it out, and Janssen throws one more punch. It's Downey's turn throw'em both they are both exhausted. They hug each other for one last time and the refs break it up. Win goes to Cam Janssen. Awesome fight for Downey being able to hang in there. Same with Janssen

Now for today's easy poll:

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