Dropping the Gloves: The last one of the season

Hello and welcome to the last Dropping the Gloves of this season (sniff). It's been fun doing these and I hope you guys enjoyed them. The next three fights are from the playoffs. So let's get this thing started.

First off we have Douglas Murray battling George Parros. Before the fight occurred Murray laid a MURRAY SMASH on Teemu Selanne. Big bad mustache Parros said hey if you mess with my guys you know what happens:

Very cool fight. Parros is 2 inches taller than Murray but is 25 pounds less. At the beginning both boys were throwin' punches but none of them really landed. Both were fighting for balance. Murray fell once because Parros pushed him down but Murray got right back up. Than they decided to be friends for a bit and hug each other. They got tired off that, drifted away to near the glass, and the refs broke it up.

This ones a draw. Neither player got some good punches in. Since I want to make you guys happy I changed my mind and Douglas Murray completely dominated George Parros.


Here's Joe Thornton vs. Ryan Getzlaf (WHAT!). Yep two skill players fighting. Both have fought plenty of times before (but not each other) and they are both 5'4. Joe out weighs him by 5 pounds. In the previous game Big Joe challenged Getzlaf but he declined. (And now in a very cheesey voice) Now let's see what happens in the next game on the opening face-off.

First things first. When the video starts watch the bottom left corner. You could see Marleau and Perry talking to each other. They hit each others stick and looked like children fighting. I just thought that that was funny

Right when the puck drops both players go right after each other. They get balanced and hold on to each other. Big Joe was throwin them jersey jabs, annoying yet effective. Towards the end Joe got an uppercut in which looked like it landed. After that Joe than wrestles Getzlaf to the ground and falls on top of him.

Big Joe gets the win here. He got more punches in and had more control of the fight. Joe fought without his helmet on and Getzlaf had his helmet on. I think Getzlaf just left his helmet on because he was embarrassed about his balding.


Ooohh Next we have Joe Pavelski (Yes that little guy) fight Ryan Whitney. This was Joe Pavelski very first fight at any hockey level according to Ryan Whitney has fought at the NHL level before. Whitney is 6'4" and Pavs is 5'11". Whitney only has a 7 pound advantage over Pavelski. For Pavelski this post should be called "Dropping the Glove."

Boyle does a late hit on Perry just as the period ends. A scrum starts from there. Everybody pairs up and Pavelski get's Whitney. At first they just look like they're pushing but I guess they were fighting. Both throw punches that connect. Eventually the refs break it up.

Pavs get the win. He made Whitney bleed! But you also have to consider he had a glove and visor on. But still! This is Joe Pavelski pickin on guys bigger than him. Good for you Joe Pavelski! Oh and I'm sorry you guys had to listen to the homer Duck announcers in that video.

Well folks this is the end of the last Dropping the Gloves and I'm gonna miss it. Wait what? There's a poll? Go go look at it now. Sorry if it's not pointless enough.

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