Bringing down Mark Purdy. FJM style.

Mark Purdy is a moron. He pisses off Shark fans. How does he have his job again?

I don't know if you guys are familiar with this blog called Fire Joe Morgan.. They were brilliant. Every terrible baseball article, they ripped them. It was fantastic. Sadly their blog ended but when I'm bored I still read old posts because they're awesome.

So here's Mark Purdy trying to make sense of the Sharks loss.

Purdy: Marleau seems likely to go, though many share blame

That's a fantastic idea... /sarcasm.

Perhaps the Sharks did not look at that Presidents' Trophy closely enough. Did they check the fine print? Maybe the trophy was named in honor of William Henry Harrison — the U.S. president who died of pneumonia on just his 32nd day in office.

Wait? So you were that A-hole on Chronicle Live that kept cutting off Jamie Baker?

Even so, William Henry lasted 20 days longer than the Sharks did this spring as presidential standard bearers. It took the Sharks just 12 days to be eliminated from the Stanley Cup tournament, which lasts two months.

Yep, that was you... Terrible joke that's not even funny.

Early departure times are normal for the Sharks. But this one was the absolute worst. After working the entire season to earn the NHL's overall No. 1 seed, the Sharks casually let home-ice advantage slip away in the first game against Anaheim and rolled downhill from there.

So you're trying to depress Shark fans now? Tell us something new

The Sharks were supposed to be built to handle anything. They couldn't even handle the top line of the eighth-seeded Ducks or their previously anonymous, inexperienced Swiss goalie.

So that's new. It's new because no moron would say it except for you. Anonymous inexperienced Swiss goalie? Maybe you don't know him because that was about the 3rd hockey game you ever watched but Jonas Hiller is 27 years old and has been playing professional hockey for quite some time.

Maybe they couldn't handle the top line of the eight-seeded Ducks because they are one of the TOP top lines of the NHL. If Purdy watched hockey he'd know that Anaheim isn't an average 8 seed team

After such a rancid display — one that basically took dynamite to the carefully formed how-to-win-a-Cup philosophy of Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson — the next steps for him and the franchise will not be easy. Or simple.

Was that just me or did that make no sense at all.

Well, except for one part. It's hard to fathom that Patrick Marleau can remain with the Sharks. He has to be traded, even if he has a no-trade clause. Why would Marleau even want to come back? This was his fifth season as team captain and either his teammates are not following his Advertisement: quiet leadership or else the leadership is non-existent. There are no other possibilities. Either way, it's not helping the Sharks get anywhere.

So I'm going to skip on how good Patrick Marleau is in the playoffs because a Sharks fan should know that. So Purdy you're in the locker-room behind closed doors? You don't know how Marleau leads the team, nobody does. Except for the team and if the team's keeping him captain, as you said for 5 years, he has to be good at it or something right?!

Marleau is a classy guy away from the rink, does lots of good work for the San Jose community. But on the ice, he is a maddening player to watch, one who teases you into trusting his talent before the inevitable letdown. Example: He scored both of the Sharks' winning goals in the series. But in the games they lost, he was a vapor.

Damn right Marleau's a good guy. I think I might agree with you there. When the Sharks lost, it was Marleau's fault because he let in too many goals.

Some of us were fooled into thinking the Sharks would be fine in the playoffs, even after a so-so final month of the season, because of a two-game swing to Alberta in late March. The Sharks beat Calgary and Edmonton in back-to-back games. A few days later, the Sharks beat the Ducks in Anaheim. Three wins, over three good teams, right? All was well.

Edmonton's a good team? Further proof that Purdy doesn't watch hockey.

Curious fact: Marleau was injured and did not play in any of those three games. And when he did return a few days later, he and his teammates plainly weren't prepared mentally to face an Anaheim team that was entering the postseason on an upswing. The Ducks also wanted it more. Teemu Selanne, the former Shark who scored a goal for Anaheim in the series clincher, was unafraid to say it.

So you're saying that if Marleau wasn't there in the playoffs he wouldn't have scored those GWG's therefore making the Sharks win more games?!! WTF?!

"You have to build momentum through the playoffs," Selanne said after the series clincher. "We came in playing very well. I thought we were hungrier. "... I think San Jose was cruising all year. They didn't really have any hard times. Sometimes that can be dangerous."

I bet your next post is about how Nabokov's a cry baby. Oops I meant Nahbuhkov because you don't even know how to say Nabokov.

It would be a mistake, though, to point just one finger at one Shark. Rookie coach Todd McLellan deserves some heat for not recognizing more quickly his team was going off the rails and responding to it with some tough love. That didn't happen until after Game 4. Additionally, McLellan too often seemed to be countering the moves of Anaheim Coach Randy Carlyle, rather than making Carlyle do the countering. Did that send a message to the Sharks players?

Yep. T-Mac just saw the Sharks losing and said, "Oh! We're losing, I'm not gonna adjust anything!" What do you know Purdy, you're not the coach.

Additionally, McLellan too often seemed to be countering the moves of Anaheim Coach Randy Carlyle

umm Carlyle's moves were countering the Sharks moves so Toddy was countering Carlyle countering the Sharks.

Goalie Evgeni Nabokov also was culpable in the defeat, though not as much as the second line of Milan Michalek, Joe Pavelski and Ryane Clowe. Hate to say it, but Nabokov has not been the same since the death last year of his former coach and mentor, Warren Strelow. The Sharks don't have anyone in the system to replace Nabokov, and he's still better than half the NHL starters, so they'll just have to hope he pulls his game back into shape. The Pavelski line, which was the Sharks' most consistent during the season, produced two goals in the six games against Anaheim.

Umm maybe Nabakov is getting old or declining not because of the death of Warren Strelow (RIP). Yep Nabby's better than half of the NHL startes so let's hope he get's back in shape. The Pavelksi line was accountable for approx. 27% of the goals in the Sharks in the regular season. In the playoffs they were 22% of the goals.

And, yes, Joe Thornton is in the mix somewhere. His top gear again clicked in too late. When he dropped the gloves right after the opening faceoff Monday, it looked more like frustration than calculated aggression.

I assume you don't watch much hockey fights Purdy?

A scene I won't forget from Monday night: Around 30 minutes after the game, I walked out of the Sharks' dressing room and found Anaheim goalie Jonas Hiller standing in the hallway outside the door, all by himself, still unshowered and wearing his Ducks underwear.

You try to write articles AND you're a creeper!!

"Are you waiting for someone?" I asked Hiller.

"Joe," he answered, referring to Thornton, who had been a teammate of Hiller's in Switzerland during the NHL's 2005-06 lockout.

I had to inform Hiller that Thornton already was gone. After a rapid trip through the handshake line with the Ducks, Thornton showered quickly and exited. Thornton is the Sharks' best player. He needs to stay, unless he's sick and tired and wants out. He looked angry Monday night. Does that mean he finally has learned you can't ease your way into a playoff series but have to be at pentium processor speed from the first faceoff?

He was angry? Really!

Which leads to a final thought: The Sharks' chemistry wasn't quite right this season. Wilson thought he was doing the right thing by bringing in all those veteran players — Dan Boyle, Rob Blake, et al. — and pointedly touting their Stanley Cup credentials. Wilson said it over and over: These guys were the ingredient to guide younger Sharks deep into the playoffs.

Those younger Sharks respected Boyle and Blake as players, but might have grown sick of that mantra — or even worse, came to lean too much on the Stanley Cup vets. And when 43-year-old Claude Lemieux showed up, as sincere as the day is long but not close to being the player he once was, younger Sharks might have seen it as one mantra addition too many.

I completely agree because Devin Setoguchi told me he wants to play bad because the Sharks signed toooo many veterans.

I'll repeat what I wrote two weeks ago: If the Sharks didn't get to the Stanley Cup finals this time with this "core" group, there is no reason to believe that a Cup will ever happen. Mr. Wilson, the next moves are yours. At least no one has pneumonia. Heck, the Sharks weren't around long enough in the playoffs to even catch a cold.

In conclusion Mark Purdy, YOU SUCK!

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