Dropping the Gloves: Sharks Beat Up on the Coyotes

Hola, haven't had one of these in a while (I say that every time huh). Well the Sharks just lost to the Coyotes so on this post you could watch the Coyotes getting beat up to make you feel better. Also you could stare at how ugly their logo used to be:



Oh and on this post I'm introducing the "Entertainment value scale." Lets say Brad Staubtiz is a 10 and Rob Blake is a 2.

So first off, this goes way back on March 28th. Travis Moen battles Daniel Winnik:

Both players square up, and drop the gloves. Than they go into battle stance! Moen grabs Winnik first, and Winnik does the same after. Both throw those annoying, yet effective sweater-jabs. Than they start throwing the big ones, but they don't really make contact. They do that for awhile until Moen starts punching over and under Winnik. Winnik gets turned aside, and the refs break it up.

Travis Moen gets the win. He had control of the fight and got more punches in. Entertainment value? I give it a 5

Now from today's game, Todd Fedoruk vs. Travis Moen:

Travis Moen puts a clean hit on Ed Jovanovski. Jovanovski put's his glove in Moen's face and says, "Let's go." Todd Fedoruk got in the middle and tells Jovanovski, "I've got this." Semmy drops the gloves with Jovanovski and they hold onto each other watching Moen and Fedoruk fight. So, Moen and Fedoruk start to fight. Fedoruk throws two punches causing Moen to get off balance. When Moen's not expecting it Fedoruk throws two heavy punches and Moen drops. He gets back up again but Fedoruk drops him down again. Moen's down and the refs break it up.

Fedoruk got the win but Moen got the moral victory. Not sure how, but I want Moen to win so it would make me feel better. Entertainment value? A 3 since we're Shark fans.

Now Martin Hanzal fights Devin Setoguchi (WHAT?!):

Before you watch you should know Hanzal's been in three fights before twice in the NHL. Seto's been in 9 and 1 in the NHL (both players stats include this fight).

Seto and Hanzal collide a few times and they say, "Hey let's go." They both drop the gloves. I like this move here by Setoguchi. Team's down 3 goals and he's trying to spark something. This fight is basically two enforcers fighting in slow motion. Both players try to be stronger than the other and gain ground on the other. Hanzal got a one punch in and Setoguchi got a three in. Hanzal than slowly falls on top of Seto.

In terms of punches Seto wins. In terms of overall fight, who had control and take downs, it's a draw. Nobody got a good punch in. Entertainment value? a 4 since Setoguchi fought.

And for today's pointless poll:

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