Updated 2009 Playoff Pick Em Standings


How soon? Like, now soon. Jump city ladies and gentleman.

A couple of notes:

1) I have broken down each round by the amount of points everyone has earned. On the off-chance I made an error computing your score, this will make it easier for you to double check each round. Let me know of any discrepancies in the comments.

2) Only those who have submitted predictions for every round have been counted. This is fairly obvious considering the circumstances- if you skipped a round, you're going to have a lower point total. Sorry slackers. Also, if you did submit three predictions and I didn't get to it, let me know in the comments.

3) Lowest point total wins. Remember that your point total is the sum of the differences. Round two is multiplied by 1.5, round three 1.75, and the SCF by 2.


First Round (predictions found here)

User Points
Jahiegel 12
WillR 13
Mr. Plank 13
CTGray 16
mymclife 16
mattman 16
a10dency2ask 16
Lurker Shark 17
Ang6666 17
Zero Indulgence 17
Dave Valentine 19
Nael M. 19
Shiromori 19
serrapadre 19
Tahoe 20
Section223 21
Marcello 21
Teas 21
That'll Cheech You 22
idunno723 38


Second Round (predictions found here)

User Points
That'll Cheech You 1.5
a10dency2ask 7.5
Nael M. 9
CTGray 9
mymclife 9
Mr. Plank 9
Dave Valentine 10.5
Section223 10.5
Lurker Shark 10.5
Teas 12
Jahiegel 12
Tahoe 13.5
Ang6666 13.5
Marcello 13.5
WillR 13.5
mattman 13.5
Zero Indulgence 13.5
serrapadre 13.5
idunno723 16.5
Shiromori 18


Conference Finals (predictions found here)

User Points
WillR 3.5
mattman 5.25
Jahiegel 5.25
Mr. Plank 7.0
Marcello 10.5
Tahoe 10.5
Nael M. 10.5
ang6666 10.5
serrapadre 10.5
Teas 10.5
Dave Valentine 12.25
Section223 12.25
That'll Cheech You 12.25
CTGray 14.0
Lurker Shark 15.75
mymclife 15.75
ZeroIndulgence 17.5
Shiromori 17.5
a10dency2ask 17.5
idunno723 21.0

Total Standings

User Points
Mr. Plank 29
Jahiegel 29.25
WillR 30
mattman 34.75
That'll Cheech You 35.75
Nael M. 38.5
CTGray 39
mymclife 40.75
a10dency2ask 41
Ang6666 41
Dave Valentine 41.75
serrapadre 43
LurkerShark 43.25
Teas 43.5
Section223 43.75
Tahoe 44
Marcello 45
Zero Indulgence 48
Shiromori 54.5
idunno723 75.5



Go Sharks.

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