Jersey? Who's got 'em? Whose name on the back?

My wife was going to get me a Sharks' jersey for last Christma/Hanukk/Kwanzaa. She gave me a week to think about what name to put on the back, but it's August and I still haven't made up my mind. Knowing that I'll only be able to purchase a new jersey every 3-5 years has made the pressure too great! $175 is a lot of money for a shirt, especially for the name of a player that I don't enjoying watching. That being said, I would have to get paid to wear a jersey with Mike Grier's name on it!

First I thought it would have to be Joe Pavelski, as we are both from the upper Midwest (he's from Wisconsin and I'm from Minnesota) and we both went to Wisconsin state colleges. I wondered if this was enough reason for the guy to be my favorite player. I have issues with declaring favorites for anything!

Then my mind shifted to Joe Thornton - the commercial where he pierces the toast is funny, but you have to respect a hockey player that has the gall to wear pink in public! I saw him in a pink polo on a golf course (even though I hated the part about him playing golf before June) and then I watched him get interviewed in the locker room draped in a pink towel. I figured that sporting a Thornton jersey at the tank is just too unoriginal. The same could be said for Patrick Marleau and Evgeni Nabokov.

Next came the idea of Jeremy Roenick. He's an icon, a legend, ... an unstoppable mouth, but a great hockey player, to boot. However, I had a vision of the Sharks Brian Campbell jerseys that show up at the tank. Would San Jose be an acceptable canvas on which to write "Roenick"? It seemed wrong in the same way that finding a Rangers Wayne Gretzky jersey is wrong. So, I decided against that, too, as well as Rob Blake for the same reason.

I finally turned my attention to a lesser known player, players that require knowledge of the team. Someone whose name would only show up on the jersey of a true fan. Douglas Murray! A true team player, he sticks up for his teammates and shows no mercy to the opposition! But if he's good enough as a cult favorite, couldn't I say the same for Torrey Mitchell? or Devin Setoguchi? or Marc-Edouard Vlasic? or Jody Shelley? or Jonathan Cheechoo


Well, you can see where this is going. It's August and I still don't have the jersey. I have been writing this post in my mind for about a week, but wanted to wait until this business with Dany Heatley is settled first. I can't wait any longer. I wish to unveil this thing at the first home game!

As for the rest of the players, I never gave any of them a serious thought with regards to spending the money. Lukowich - no. Ehrhoff - no. Goc - no. Plihal - hell no and anyone that wants a signed mystery puck from December 20/23, 2008 can have mine for free! Boucher - no. Michalek - no because I can't see him in a Sharks jersey for the rest of his career. He just strikes me as someone who will leave as a UFA, if he's not traded first. Clowe - no but only because he's kind of an enigma to me after missing almost all of the 2007-08 season. Semenov - yes but at a price not even close to $175.



**note** I wouldn't really not get a Thornton jersey just because he's so popular. I want him to be the hardest-working guy on the ice all the time, and he isn't. Patrick Marleau would be a good choice, but my wife has dibs on his jersey due to his ... ahem, attractiveness. As for Nabokov, he just doesn't do it for me. I am impressed with the fact that he owns a dachshund (saw it in a picture with his family, clipped it out of the newspaper and put it on the wall!), but that's where it ends. Dan Boyle is a really interesting option, at least now. Back in December, I didn't know how awesome he was going to be, but certainly wasn't interested in throwing money away on a rental (see: Campbell, Brian).

**another note** Some of the above is opinion. Feel free to flame me for anything written that isn't to your liking. Please feel free to share the stories associated with your choice of jersey personalization in the comments. This was all done in an effort to get an idea of my own, stufflife's, home jersey.

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