Offering an invitation to NHL Torrents to a responsible FTFer.

Plank, TCY, and Mods:  I know this post may cause some inclement weather to form in your stomachs/bowels, given its copyright infringing nature.  Please, weather the storm and remember the links to streams in all the gamethreads that go uncontested.  All I want is to give back to two communities I immensely appreciate. I will delete this fanpost after I get a suitable candidate if you so desire.  Now that bit of unpleasantness is out of the way ...


     Those familiar with my "contributions" in this community know my love of the greatest single invention in the history of the Internet, the torrent.  Now, after over a year of contributing to, I want to spend 1500 seed points (1500 hours of seeding, around two months worth, and a lot of lost bandwidth) for an invite for one of you to join the hockey fan's best friend, the NHL Torrents tracker.



     Much like FTF, NHL Torrents is a great community, with hockey lovers all across the globe (including notable Sharks streamers magicpotatoes and iamg000) combining their abilities to bring everyone oodles upon oodles of hockey goodness, including: current NHL games, AHL games, retro games, KHL plus all other notable European hockey games, rips of old hockey VHS tapes and DVD specials, NHL on the fly, and other random hockey related material.  Access to closed trackers containing soccer (mainly english premier and championship league matches, also MLS), NFL, NBA, and MLB games is also included.

     Sadly, users of Russian trackers shamelessly stole the files the NHL torrents cappers and uploaders worked so hard on, and open registration had to be closed as a result.  Now, current users need to make a significant investment (mentioned above) to bring new fans into the fold.  This is where one of you come in.  With an invitation in hand, I could think of no other place but FTF to recruit a fan that has an unquenchable thirst for all sorts of hockey like myself to join this puck Valhalla.

If you are interested, there are a few things I ask of you:

1.  I would prefer you be a member of FTF that has been around for awhile.  If no interest is generated here, I'll try BOC.  Except Rudy and Spade, screw those guys. (kidding)

2.  You know how private torrent trackers work in regard to upkeeping ratio.  If an old soul from FTF without any previous torrent experience is interested though, I'd be more than willing to give a quick primer, and I believe NHL Torrents also has a mandatory orientation.

3.  You do NOT troll the NHL torrents message boards.


Ok, that is it.  If you are interested, let me know in the comments, and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for your interest,


This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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