Niclas Wallin Rumored To Be Headed To San Jose

[Update]: David Pollak of Working The Corners left a note in the comments of his most recent article:

Just reached Doug Wilson to check out that report on a deal for Niclas Wallin.

“There is nothing new on the trade front,” the Sharks general manager said, and I got the sense nothing was imminent either (let’s say the next 24 hours or so).

Wilson, we all know, won’t talk about specific players until all the signatures are on the paperwork. But he’s aware of the TSN report and what you see in the preceding graph is his response. Nothing more, nothing less.

- WTC Comments


Per Darren Dreger of TSN:

Another trade is close. Canes working on sending Walling to SJ. Wallin won't play in Calgary tonight.

- Twitter

It's too early to call this one either way as there is no indication of who the Sharks will be giving up in the deal. As we mentioned earlier this week Darren Dreger is a trustworthy source for rumors, and while I wouldn't go as far to say that this is as good as done, it's about as close as you can get.

The 34 year old makes $1.725 M under the salary cap, and is set to hit free agency next year.

Wallin does see a lot of defensive zone draws with Carolina, as well as playing against some of the better competition opposing teams have to offer. There is some value here depending on what is being given up, but he is not the bona-fide defensive defenseman that San Jose would like to plug in heavy minutes.

Doug Wilson is doing one of three things with this deal-- a) clearing salary by sending a roster player to Carolina in order to make another move b) bolstering the depth of San Jose's backend or c) receiving another player in the deal that Dreger has not yet reported.

The only roster player who makes sense in a one-for-one roster player deal for San Jose is Kent Huskins, as he will allow the Sharks to get under the salary cap. I am not sure why Carolina would pursue this deal unless a prospect/pick is included, but it does allow the Sharks more space next offseason to pursue the free agency market. That is a plus.

San Jose may get a little better with a trade for Wallin, but are not significantly more dangerous than they were yesterday. Wallin on his own does not answer the blueline question that has been posed since the beginning of this season.

Alongside that, as has been thrown around in the comments, you have to wonder how injured Vlasic is at this point. This author believes Vlasic sustained a left knee injury against the Chicago Blackhawks, and the lack of news on the subject is beginning to sound like Doug Wilson is keeping his cards close to his vest in order to keep himself in a position of power when pursuing trade options. Speculation of course, but it is something to keep your eye on.

More to come. Hold on to your butts.


Go Sharks.

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