Dropping the Gloves: The one that's a few months late

It's sad that when I first started writing this it was called "Dropping the Gloves: The one that's a few days late."

Triumphant return? Maybe...

HI welcome back to Dropping the Gloves. There hasn't been one in... a REALLY LONG time.  Reasons why it went on a hiatus?

  1. I have a life (stupid bloggers). Seriously, who has a blog?
  2. School and such.
  3. I'm kinda lazy.

So this post will not cover EVERY fight I missed, just the cool ones. And away we gooooooo!

First off Kent Huskins! Okay this isn't an amazing fight I just thought it was really funny.

Huskins is not a fighter, Boll is. Not much needs to be said about the fight. Boll destroys Huskins... Or you could look at it the way YouTube comments do. Huskins is the one with a Cup so in this case Huskins really got the better of the fight.

Jody Shelley vs. Eric Godard (again)!

Remember when Shelley did this to Godard last year? Well he did it again sorta. He didn't kick the crap out of Godard but he definitely got the better.

Gigantor Douglas Murray vs. Ben Eager

Crankshaft hasn't been fighting a whole lot this season but he's still a scary man. In this fight he still had his visor on and tried to take it off but couldn't. I guess Eager was (wait for it...) eager.

Frazer McLaren vs. Daniel Carcillo

A great hockey fight. Frazer is a tough guy, can't wait to see more of him in San Jose. Also note that Carcillo tried to take him down by the legs. Frazer knee'd him. I thought that was funny.

Marc-Edouard Vlassic and Daniel Briere... do something

...just LOL

Frazer McLaren vs. George Parros

Awesome to see Frazer take on mustache Parros. Parros may have won the battle, but it's nice to see the rookie hold his own.

Ryane Clowe vs. Jason Strudwick

Clowe has been fighting a lot this year and in this fight he got Strudwick good.

Jody Shelley vs. Cam Janssen

This is my favorite fight of Jody Shelley in a Sharks uniform. 87 seconds of great hockey fighting. I got tired from watching it.

Torrey Mitchell vs. Rene Bourqe

Funny to see Mitchell so fired up. I'd say he got the edge in that fight. Best part though? The scoreboard.

Ryane Clowe vs. George Parros

This might be the best fight of this post. Parro's mustache gets beat up by Ryane Clowe's fist.

Brad Staubitz vs. Nick Boynton

Staubitz... he can fight.

Jody Shelley vs. Colton Orr

Down goes Orr! Down goes Orr! What a way to end his career as a Shark. *tear*


And that's it for Dropping the Gloves... for a while. Hopefully nobody noticed I got lazy towards the end writing this.

For all your hockey fighting needs, is your place. You can watch every Sharks fight from this season.

Oh and what's a Dropping the Gloves without a poll?

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