I'm going to end my tenure as an FTF admin where I began it - on the sidebar, as Mr. K.

I've had a great time getting to know many of you here on Fear the Fin - both as "internet personalities" as well as flesh and blood Sharks fans that I've had the pleasure of meeting in person.  I've traveled with some of you, gone to home games with even more of you, and shared joys and tribulations alike with pretty much all of you via this blog.  It's been enlightening, fulfilling, and cathartic, as FTF grew from being just one of myriad Sharks blogs to essentially the preeminent Sharks blog - apologies to PJ at Sharkspage.

Therein lies the rub - FTF has undeniably outgrown my use.  And I'm 100% cool with that.  In fact, this resignation is not in any way due to pressure from any of the other three outstanding admins - Jason was surprised when I initially proposed it, and actually wanted me to hang on if I could (he's a class act, you see, and loyal to a fault). 

When I first started blogging about the Sharks, it was, as it was with Mr. Plank, via my own personal blog.  I emailed Jason about our mutual fondness for the Sharks, back when he still ran We Bleed Teal.  Not long after Jason got his new gig at FTF, I wrote this article on my blog. 

Jason left a note in the comments - "I have a little proposition for you."

The rest is, well, "history" - such as it is... beginning with that story being reprinted in the fanpost section here on FTF. 

It was gloriously fun at first - FTF was a bigger forum, but comfortably larger.  At least at first.

I certainly don't bemoan this site's success - not one iota.  But I guess you could say I was a little unprepared for how big it got - I certainly didn't have journalistic credentials, nor the world's biggest hockey IQ.  I managed to masquerade decently for a bit (see here, here, and here), and travel a bit when I couldn't write decently from the home front, but as you've probably already gathered, our two principal admins (and even our newest admin, Ivan) get the job done far better than I could ever do. 

So, with that in mind, it's time to cut away the dead weight... beginning with my awful, truly awful, name.  Conico do Mayo Miracle?  WTF?  Granted, Section223 came up with the wording, but he was probably just as aghast as the rest of you that I took it as a username.  So simple Mr. K. it is again - but as one of the many, many Sharks fans, not as an FTF admin.

I'd like to thank Plank and TCY for putting up with my crap, from figuring out how to use fanshots on the front page to my proposition that Tim Hortons get a franchise in San Jose, from Cicero's game reviews to my Keeping Tabs article that actually referenced (my single biggest regret on FTF - seriously).  You've grown that much closer to saint status for putting up with me.

See you guys on the game threads.

Go Sharks,

Mr. K. (Conico)

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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