Looking forward to next year's lines

Just wanted to raise a few questions and possibilities that I've been thinking about. So at the end of this season, regardless of our playoff success, we have some pretty good assets not signed for this next season; Marleau, Nabokov, Pavelski (RFA), Setoguchi (RFA), and Malhotra.

Personally I would sign Marleau to a 4-5 year contract with 5 million a year (a problem now because he has had an amazing year and other teams would be willing to pay between 7 and 8 million). But hopefully he would take a discount for the sharks. I also would not like to pay Marleau anything over 6 million because I want to leave cap room for the other lines.

I would sign Setoguchi and Pavelski to similar contracts consisting of 5-8 years at 4-5 million a year.

Malhotra should get 3 years at 1.2 million a year. 

To be honest, I would not resign Nabokov for such an expensive price tag and would start to test our younger goalies out in the NHL (Greiss, Stalock, Sateri?). 

I would not resign Blake, Wallin, or Leach and would try and trade Huskins this offseason. I would like to see some younger D guys see some time in the NHl (Petrecki, Moore, Demers, Joslin, and some others that we just acquired). 


Now here is my twist and just something that I thought of. There is no proof of this, just my thinking...

What if Wilson were to trade up in this draft? After looking at the draft, it seems that this year will be very deep and have a lot of good players in it. What if Wilson were to trade Marleau at the draft to try and draft the young goalie Campbell or Pickard? These goalies have been highly talked of and will likely be starting netminders soon. But would any team take Marleau for a first rounder??

One thing that I hope to see would be Huskins traded for like a 4th rounder... he is useless for our team. 


And by all means, I make sure that I resign Pavelski and not give him up. He is an outstanding two way player that plays with a ton of heart. To me, he should get either an A, if not the C, next year. So preferably, under the best ideal conditions, I would like to have the lines look like:

Heatley - Thornton - Setoguchi

Clowe - Pavelski - Couture

McGinn - Malhotra - Vesce/Ferriero

Mitchell - Nichol - McLaren


Boyle - Murray

Vlasic - Demers

Moore - Petrecki/another prospect


Greiss - Stalock 

and possibly Campbell if my scenario does come true. These lines aren't as amazing as they are this year, but provide a year to develop our younger talent and make them NHL ready for the years after that. 


Please leave any comments, suggestions, or critics. It's just something that I've been thinking of so don't come down to hard on me!

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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