Reaction to Galiardi hit-- that's a suspension-worthy one all right

Speaking of calls, I can’t wait to hear the Sharks tomorrow, and some of their electronic boosters in the media. Let’s see if they start carping about a suspension for TJ Galiardi, for his boarding hit on Devin Setoguchi. Guaranteed, if a Shark did that, it’s just a good, hard hit and a bad call on the boarding. That’s hockey, as they said after Rob Blake’s blatant punch to the face of Galiardi while leaving his feet in Game 2.

And, I don’t care if I get called a homer or not by some yahoo who doesn’t know a wrist shot from a wrist watch, but some of the calls were absolutely awful again tonight against the Burgundy and Blue.

- Adrian Dater of the Denver Post

To me, there is just no question that hit by T.J. Galiardi on Devin Setoguchi deserves a suspension. It’s a cheap shot on an icing call, just what the league doesn't want. If you listen closely, you also see Galiardi hit Setoguchi from behind after the whistle blows.

This is the exact same kind of hit that the NHL suspended Denis Gauthier for last season, against the Sharks Patrick Marleau. Basically, a cheap shot from behind on a defenseless player who touched up on the puck. Anybody who doesn’t think so is either an Avs homer or just dumb. And I’d say the exact same thing if a Sharks player had done that.

No word from the league yet on any punishment for the current Av. If the league does nothing, the Sharks can’t let that go without a response. Am I advocating violence? No. But you don’t get pushed around like that during playoff hockey and take it lying down. You just don’t. If you do nothing, it’ll only get worse the next time.

Research does not have a place in reality, apparently. No sources, electronic boosters or otherwise, have even considered suspensions during the course of this series.

With a few exceptions of course.

Hard to even put into words the emotional swings that have occurred over the last week considering we're right in the thick of it all, but I'm no longer of the opinion Dan Boyle's own-goal was the most ridiculous thing to happen in Denver since the playoffs began.


Go Sharks.

Seems to be confusion in the comments-- I don't think Galiardi should be suspended for the hit. Far from it. The three paragraphs before the jump were a parody of Adrian Dater's original article about suspending Rob Blake, the entirety of which can be found here.

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