Looking for a jersey? Dirt cheap?

 Not sure if I should have ran this by the PTB, but the PTB were the ones that sort of influenced me anyways.  So, for now, I'll tell you my little story from yesterday.  And PTB, if you don't approve, you can delete this if you see fit. No harm intended.


   As I stated before, the PTB influenced me to go on a little jaunt yesterday, and I ended up at Game Stop.  Basically, the March OT thread had lots of video game talk, and I went on a mission to purchase something to waste time with for my Xbox 360.  The manager at the Game Stop knows me, and is also an avid hockey fan. Usually, he hides in the back office when he's not in the mood to talk video games with zit-faced nerds. And after seeing some of the hillbillies we have here in Arizona, you'd probably do the same.  But after talking about Phoenix's playoff chances ( and him begging me for tickets that I have zero pull on), he mentioned a friend of his turned him onto this site where you can get jerseys.  He even had one of these jerseys shipped to him at game stop, and procured it for my inspection.


Let's just say I was blown out of the frickin' water at the quality of this thing, and the price tag on it was unfathomable. For $35, he got this:




Not only is it a Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic ( and current 3rd ) jersey, it's as close to authentic as I can tell.  I'm a stickler for all these details, and I couldn't spot one blemish or irregularity.  The RBK logos, the neck laces, the jersey cut.. EVERYTHING is there. AND, get this: THERE'S MORE.  These jerseys come with fighting straps, and the letters aren't ironed on. They're all STITCHED ON. Yes, with thread and a needle.  Not even one hint of a dinky iron-on can be seen.  It has the tags that come with the jerseys, including the NHL logo hologram, and the cardboard thingy for sales with the Stanley Cup on in.  The jersey material seems pretty heavy, and could tell no difference from an NHL RBK Edge jersey.

So after perusing the website, I came across some great finds.  Not every San Jose Sharks player is on there, but if you're in the market for a Nabby/Thornton/Seto jersey, they have 'em.  AND they have Thornton Team Canada Olympic jerseys.  And guess what? All between $35-$45. Highway robbery, IMO.


The website is  , and a direct link to the Sharks stuff is here:


I believe they're manufactured overseas, China possibly.  I had friends in the Marines, and they brought back all sorts of replica jerseys from ports that were similarly authentic ( football jerseys, mostly).  The guy I know at Game Stop said it took 3 days for him to get his jersey.  Whether or not  it's made by 4 year olds in sweat shops getting beaten with bamboo thickets is beyond me.  I just thought I'd toss it out for those who maybe could never afford a jersey, or if someone's looking for another one at a ho-lee sh*t cost.  


I'm gonna get me a Team Canada Thornton jersey, maybe a third to boot based solely on price and the amazing quality of these things.  And no, I don't work for these people. I have nothing to gain out of this, just passing the word along to fellow Sharks fans.


~ Joel


PS I bought the Afro Samurai game, used. Hope it doesn't blow.


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