Chicago it is

Chicago is our opponent standing in the way of the sharks and the playoffs for Lord Stanley's Cup. Looks like the series will start on thursday or friday, but nothing is for sure yet. That still does not mean that we can not come up with keys to this series.


Chicago has gone through a tough series against Vancouver and it does not appear that they will be getting any rest to help them out. This means that they will be weary and the best way to make sure they stay that way is to HIT THEM.

#2) Dump the puck deep.

Yes this is a cliche, but it is one that needs to be taken seriously against Chicago. They have maybe the best puck moving defense in the league and the only way to counter that is to dump the puck in and proceed with step #1. This means so cutesy plays for our top two lines, but that also means that our bottom 2 lines have to know that they got the puck in deep, because if they dont, it is coming out in a hurry.

#3) No respect for the Forwards

If Pat Kane can punch a cabbie in the face, then Doug Murray can sure as hell give him cross checks and little slashes whenever and wherever. Now i am not advocating dirty play, but the forwards of the blackhawks are mostly small with a few exceptions. All the hitting and the little slashes and cross-checks will leave a mark as the series goes on. Never ever give the Forwards any space or time. These forwards maybe the most skilled up and down the roster in the playoffs.

#4) Last but not Least, Play for the fans. If by any chance any sharks player reads this, please remember that we have been cheering you on through every up and down and its about time that you guys made it to the third round, but the party has just begun, and we fans can go to a whole new level, can you? This round will test every ounce of patience we have, every minute of dedication that we are willing to put into it, and every different scenario that can pan out in a playoff game.

Its about time that we could look at the third round with our team still in it. Now go on out there and put on a show. Show us emotional and physical intensity. Show us the injuries and bar your teeth right through them, for you sharks are the best team in the west, and its about time that reputation came through. Its now or never boys, so go out there and get it done.

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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