Logan Couture, Frazer McLaren and Dan DaSilva join Twitter, competition ensues

@Logancouture: "Fraz figuring out how to beat me...not possible"

In a summer pretty devoid of Sharks news, anything makes the headlines. Even a story as small as "Andreas Lilja to San Jose on a try-out" gets a full day of attention.

However, today a story arose that has garnered little publicity, and it may be the biggest news of the off season.

In what appeared to be just another Friday, a fight of epic proportions broke out. Logan Couture, center for the San Jose Sharks, challenged teammate Frazier McLaren to a battle. On Twitter.

It's a fight for followers, and there's no second place. Smack talk has been exchanged, and friendships are on the line. Dan DaSilva has even submitted his name for consideration, emerging as somewhat of a dark horse candidate in this no holds barred smackdown. Here are some of the highlights of the brawl thus far:

@wsharksdasilva: this just in " i signed up for twitter because dasilva was doing it and he always does cool stuff" logan couture

 @wsharksdasilva: ps who cares about the couture and mclaren followers contest... follow me haha but seriously

 @Logancouture: Fraz figuring out how to beat me...not possible http://yfrog.com/evvnuej

@Logancouture: 100 followers wooooooo, thanks for following me!...its alright fraz you'll get there one day...

@Logancouture:  Fraz Mclaren is a little upset that i'm crushing him in followers.

For now, it looks like Couture and DaSilva are doing most of the trash talking. However, tweets like this from McLaren cannot be overlooked:

@Frazermclaren68: Just got a ride home from the rink in Jay leachs sweet rental dodge charger!


Knowing Frazer, he'll throw his own punches eventually. However, it does seem as if the three can agree on one thing... poking fun at Mike Moore (@wsharksmoore8).

Sharks fans, it is up to you to decide the victor. Who will have more followers by September 24th? Follow @Logancouture, @wsharksdasilva and @Frazermclaren68 to find out.


Go Sharks.

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