Teal and White 2010 Recap


20th anniversary poster handed out upon entering the building.

Last night the Sharks played the Sharks in the annual Teal and White game. As usual, the game was very exciting. This could be attributed to the fact that the 7,300 STH's and friends have gone through a whole summer without any hockey . Other factors include seeing top prospects you often hear about, and you finally get to see them play live. Also, this isn't like most exhibition games where players take it easy and put on a show for the fans. The younger players were fighting hard, trying to impress. It was fun watching the "no-name" kids throw  big hits on the "super-stars."

The game ended with the Teal team winning 2-0 over the White team (Rosters, highlights, and other photos can be viewed here). Joe Thornton and Tony Lucia scored for Team Teal. Antero Niitymaki and Alex Stalock each played a half for the Teal combining for a shutout while Thomas Greiss and Antii Niemi each gave up a goal in the half they played. SOG were 21 Teal, 23 White.

Now when I was at the game I quickly realized that I forgot a pen. I had paper, but no means of jotting down notes so I ended up texting myself (what do you mean people don't do that?) so I could remember important things that have happened. I sat in Section 103, 4th row which is right at the goal line. It was really cool to be that close to the action. I noticed a lot of details that I normally wouldn't be able to. Downside? Couldn't see half the game when they were in the other zones! Well anyway, here are the things I told me:

Thornton scores early on a Team White defensive miscue. Ah, yes. A White (is that what we call them?) gave up the puck to Joe Thornton and he shot the puck past Niemi to lead 1-0

This guy plays for the Sharks now.


The only way he'll win me over is if he has a .930 SV% and scores 20 goals (JK I'd probably be all happy after he makes 1 save and start saying Nabby sucks).

Boyle is skating as slick as ever, put a nice shot on but Niity stopped it. Boyle had a nice play, skating smoothly past the defense and shooting a pretty nice shot but Niity made an even prettier save.

DaSilva hits Loprieno hard taking him out. Dan DaSilva put a very close to being a late hit on Joe Loprieno. Loprieno was obviously hurt and had to skate off the ice. He returned later though. 


Wingels hit on Cout, Leach broke it up. Tommy Wingels played aggressively during the game. I missed the play, but I'm assuming Wingels hit Logan Couture, leaving him shaken up. Jay Leach didn't like that so he hugged/wrestled Wingels until it was broken up.

Worcester kids playing physical, Mash open ice hit on Nichol. Like I said earlier, the youngsters were playing to impress, and Brandon Mashinter and Kevin Henderson stood out to me (well they did wear 72 and 71 respectively. played on the same line and are nearly the same height). Neither were afraid of playing physical.

Lucia scores. Missed this play (on the other side of the ice) and the replay wasn't very helpful.

Huskins shot the puck out of play. I thought this was amusing for some reason. Kent Huskins just seems like that guy that would do that.

McGinn's being a beast. Jamie McGinn had a pretty beastly shift in the second half. He skated hard and had no hesitation to hit anyone, knocking them down. I really believe that if he has quality linemates he'll put up a good season as a physical, scoring forward.

Stalock is being Stalocky. (By Stalocky i mean this of course). A shot from the point was deflected at least two times in front of the net and Stalock was still able to stop it.

Stalock is GOD. Stalock was now on a roll making saves like they were easy. He wasn't going to let anything past him and the fans were going crazy for him.


Stalock realized his offense wasn't good enough, so he decided to take things into his own hands.

Clowe takes lone penalty. I said lone penalty before the game was even over. Well, somebody had to do it because Staubitz is gone right?

Teal wins 2-0

So, in the end Teal and White was awesome. It was live hockey! It was definitely worth the wait during the grueling summer. The season is right around the corner and the first pre-season game is already on Wednesday! The summer seemed to drag, but now September feels like it's moving along quickly. Let's all enjoy this upcoming 2010-2011 season, no matter what happens. It's hockey!

Go Sharks.

(Also, if I'm feelin' it tomorrow, I'll post all of my pictures.)

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