FTF Night at the Pizza Place

Greetings fellow Fin-atics and Fin-addicts. Due to real life commitments, our benevolent blog overlords have been unable to plan the third annual FTF Night at the Tank. In related news, Plank's WoW guild has been on a f***ing tear, and I think Matt has made, like, a bazillion dollars in Farmville. Anywho, I know several of us have been itching to have some sort of real-time get together to enjoy unhealthy food and an unhealthy love for the men who wear Teal.

With tickets being hard to come by, especially in the numbers we might need, I reckon the next best idea is to do a pizza night, similar to the one PNK organized towards the end of last season. Something low-key, at a Round Table or Mountain Mikes with a semi-private room and large screen TVs where in we can eat pizza and insult each other in person as opposed to over the internets. And hopefully, we can attract some of the folks who appear to have abandoned posting on FTF for the twitter-pating.

I'd like to poll people on when and where they might like to do this. I'm profering up the following potential dates (and feel free to recommend more than one. I see no reason to limit this to a one time thing:

Saturday, 12/3 vs. FLA, 7:30 pm

Saturday, 12/10 @ StL, 5:00 pm

Sunday, 12/11 @ CHI, 4:00 pm

Tuesday, 12/15 vs COL, 7:30 pm

Saturday, 12/17 vs EDM, 7:00 pm

Friday, 12/23 vs LAK, 7:30 pm

As for locations, this depends on who would be coming out. I know the majority of us are in the South Bay, which makes San Jose/Santa Clara convenient, but if a more central location like Palo Alto or Mountain View on the Peninsula, or Fremont and Milpitas in the East Bay would attract more folks, I think we can consider that.

There's also a good chance I won't be able to make the first three dates I posted, so if anyone else would like to be on top of organizing, I'd appreciate the help. I know that 6 choices seems like a lot, but I'm hoping to be somewhat flexible in choices as I know December is when a lot of you young rabble rousing college students will be home, plus folks might be in town to see family and such. Also, does anyone who's interested in coming have any major dietary restrictions that should be taken into account?

So, please check your calenders and check in with your parole officers to make sure you can make it out to see us. I know this is a Fear the Fin event, but please not that pants are REQUIRED, not optional. Stupid laws.


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