Interested in Buying Sharks Tickets This Season?

Ok so first of all, yes I am still "waive kent huskins".  I tried emailing SB nation to change it to something else but got no response so this is just who I am and will always be and I accept that.  But now to the purpose behind this thread.

As some of you may remember, last season we ran a fanpost thread for people buying/selling tickets.  That worked pretty well but it was annoying because we had to get a lot of recs to stay near the top and even that didn't work forever.  It also clustered the sidebar sometimes, getting in the way of real articles.  This is by no means a solution for all sellers, but something that I am going to offer this year.  Instead of running a fanpost thread every now and then, I am going to create an email list for people interested in purchasing my particular pair of tickets.

My seats are in Section 214, Row 12, Seats 17 and 18 where the Sharks shoot twice

Some of you may remember my policy of giving discounts to FTF bloggers an I maintain that policy.  Also, even though the price of tickets, food, and parking in san pedro square have all gone up; my price is the same as last year at $90 for the pair for FTF bloggers.  It's $90 and always will be, I don't care if its the Edmonton game or the Detroit game.  Even though I have now graduated from college and have moved back to the bay, the trek from Oakland to San Jose and back is not one that I can make 40+ times this season, therefore there will be games that I won't go to.  Let me explain how this system will work:

1. Email me at (my last name is not summer, its just an email address I created in 2010 specifically for selling sharks tickets) with "FTF Sharks" in the subject heading.  In the body say that you want to be added to the list and what your FTF name is.

2. I will send out an email to everyone on the email list any time I cannot make a game.  This could be anywhere between 7 hours to 2 weeks in advance depending on how hectic my life is, but my policy is: If you haven't gotten an email from my by 12:00 noon on gameday, assume I am not selling those tickets and look elsewhere for them.  The subject heading of the email will read: "FTF SPECIAL: (Name of opponent), (Date of game)"

3. Once the email goes out to everyone, it's first come first serve.  The first person to email me saying that they want them will get them.  Just remind me of your FTF name for a reason I will explain next:

4.  I realize everyone does not have a smart phone and does not have immediate access to email.  To counter this inequality, I will keep a tally of how many times everyone has gotten the tickets.  For example, if I notice that Plank has gotten to go with my seats 6 times and Matt Taylor has always emailed me a little too late, the next time Plank emails me first I might say "alright Jason, let's give it a little bit more time to see if maybe Matt wants to go and if i don't hear from anyone else who hasn't really gotten to go they are all yours."  I will keep tallies of people who have gotten the tickets as well as those who have tried but were too late so I can see if anyone consistently is trying to go but is too slow.  Let's share the love.  But if you have seriously like been the second person to email me like 10 times, I will just email you privately before the 

5.  30 minutes after I receive the first email from the first person I will send out an email with a subject heading: "(Name of Opponent), (Date of Game) SOLD".  I will wait 30 minutes because that will give me time to see if anyone else was interested for the purposes of the equality tally.

6. If you emailed me first and it has been confirmed that you are getting them, forward payment via paypal and I will email you the tickets (YOU NEED PAYPAL, it's the easiest for me).

There are only two rules that I have:

1) If I catch you reselling the tickets for a higher price somewhere else you will be removed from the list permanently.  Selling the tickets at a higher price goes exactly against what I am trying to do here.  And don't think you can be slick, I know where my seats are.

2) If you agree to buy the tickets but then back out at the last minute you won't be removed from the list unless you bailed without telling me.  But regardless it will move you to the bottom of the priority list.


I am doing this because I don't want to always have to put up and maintain a fanpost.  I charge below face value to you guys because my goal isn't t to make a profit.  If I wanted to make a profit I would invested my money in something more profitable and I wouldn't go to any games myself.  I love the Sharks, and I love you guys on this blog.  And whenever I can't make it, I wouldn't want it any other way than for an FTF mate to go in my stead.  I've sold to people on this blog before, so they can tell you that I'm not here to jerk your chain.

You can join or leave the email list whenever you want.  I'm just hoping that enough people see this post.  Maybe a rec or two would help keep it high to give people time to read it.  This will be the one and only time I make a fanpost related to selling tickets.



This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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