Sharks Prospects

Just saw this on ESPN insider and thought I'd pass it along. Its an article talking about which teams have done well in recent drafts and the Sharks were the first team mentioned.

The Sharks defied the odds by landing on this list because they only had one first-round pick in the two-year period. Scouts I talked to liked one of San Jose's second-rounders in the 2009 draft: Taylor Doherty, a 6-foot-8 defenseman with Kingston of the OHL, who was picked No. 57 overall that year.

One scout said, "I didn't like him much in his draft year but he's going to play. He's a big guy who actually handles the puck pretty well. He'll have to fill out but that's just a matter of time. He doesn't have as much offensive skill as he likes to think sometimes, but that's not such a bad thing. He's confident rather than tentative. If you get someone at 57 and it looks like he has a shot to be a top-four D-man, you've done a real good job."

As good as that pick was, the 2010 draft was even better for the Sharks. Their first-rounder, Charlie Coyle, was on the radar last June, but it was hard to get a read on him in the EJHL. He is squarely on the radar after his play at BU and at the WJC.

One scout said, "I was really impressed with his skating and his skills set. I thought he was outstanding at the U-20s. I see him as a wing more than a center but he's only just starting to tap into his game. If you were to do the draft over, I'm sure he'd pass ten guys on the list at a minimum."

The player who has really come from off the pace, though, is last year's No. 129, Niagara (OHL) center Freddie Hamilton. Hamilton put up 38 goals and 45 assists in 68 regular season games this year.

One scout said, "It kills me to think that he was still around and we passed over him a bunch of times. A hell of a pick -- no worse than No. 50 if you were to do the draft over and he'd be ahead of guys who went in the first round."

Hamilton happens to be the older, but smaller, brother of Niagara defenseman Dougie Hamilton, who's a projected top-10 pick this year.

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