What the Fans can do to help the sharks win game 3 and 4.

After watching painful game 2 again on the NHL network, i realized a few things. Im sure ALL of you realized it too. The Sharks lost the game because of penalty trouble. Not Niemi, not Eager... It was a bad calls. Eager's boarding penalty was a bad call, and the "tripping" penalty could have gone either way. Lets not forget the high sticks to the face of Seto and Joe, both uncalled. I also saw 2 or 3 interference calls against the Sharks that went uncalled. Not to mention the fabulous acting job the Vanloser canucks have put on throughout the series. The problem is, the Referees have been handing them Oscars!!! Now let's remember that the referees in the NHL are a lot like most players, most of them grew up on the east coast and in Canada. In return, they are bias on the calls they make. You can't tell me that they don't want one team to win over the other, They are fans just like all of us.

What the fans at game 3 and 4 can do to sway some of those calls and non calls...


thats all. Be crazy. Be inventive. Be true sharks fans!

Make them know you are there! The calls will go in the sharks favor and the Canucks will be forced to play a fair game.

I know you all know this and it might seem obvious, but i feel it has to be said. The Sharks are preparing for these games as we speak. Lets do our part. Vancouver fans went absolutely insane. That building had to be hard to keep composure in. Let's make the tank even harder to play in.

All this is, is 2 home wins and the Sharks are back in this series. I also think if the Sharks win the next 2 games, they will gain the confidence to win 2 more and finish this series off and move on to the Stanley Cup finals.


Go Sharks!

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