August OT Thread

So, it's the first of August now... and you know what that means! IT'S SHARK WEEK!


Every year, the most overhyped thing other than the consistant 'The McRib is back!" campaigns from McDonalds, returns for an entire week, where we get to see our team's namesake nom nom nom on various bloody ocean things, and ultimately look totally radtacular in their underwater environments.

I personally love Shark week. It's the most entertaining thing happening during one of the most boring times of the year for TV, and... Sharks are just downright FASCINATING enough to have their own week on TV (yeah, you dont see any DUCK WEEK, now DO you... bwahaha)

Anyways, I'm pretty pumped for a solid week of non-hockey sharks every day when I return from work this week, and you should be too.


In other news, most notably HOCKEY-related news... the New York Islanders have a referendum on the ballot today that could completely change the course for that team's future.


For those of you who are not up to date, it's simple. If it's approved, then the ownership will be given public funds to help build a new Arena in Nassau County, New York... which will keep jobs in the area, as well as many businesses open that rely on the team being there. There is also talks of a minor league baseball park to go with the stadium to keep revenue flowing in during non-hockey season.

But then again, it could very well be denied, and the last franchise to have a 4 championship dynasty in North American sports could pack up and leave town. 

The guys at Lighthouse Hockey, and everyone else who's an Islander fan is on their toes... knowing that it's up to the people living in Nassau County to make the vote, and a lot of big Isles fans who have been displaced have no say in the matter. 

Pretty much everyone I have talked to about it wants the Isles to stay. Other than their history as a franchise that has seen the pinnacle of success, as well as the doldrums of being league cellar dwellers, I have heard that a lot of people just like having them there. The Isles closest neighbours in New Jersey and Manhattan have publicly come out in support of the referendum, and I personally hope the best for them. I hate seeing teams leave. I still feel sorry for Atlanta fans regardless of my support of the move to Winnipeg, because they were given a terrible situation. I would feel even more sorry for Isles fans who have supported their team for something like 18 years without a playoff series win, and have had to deal with some of the worst management in North American sports... over the last decade or so.

This all of course happens... TODAY, so we'll find out shortly about the situation, but I'll leave a poll on this subject anyways.

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