Anybody else tried the "Vault"?

I subscribed to it yesterday since it's only $4.99/month and August is the hardest month for me to live without hockey, and I gotta say it's been pretty great. If you don't know about it they have every game from the last 4 seasons archived for every team in a format similar to Center Ice, as well as random "classic" games from the last few decades. The main draw for me, though, was being able to watch every Sharks game from the last 4 years.

Before the lockout I really hadn't been to a Sharks game or followed hockey since I was a kid, when they were still in the Palace and the first couple years in the Pavilion. Most of the games I've been to and can actually remember were in the last 4 years, and I gotta say it's been really fun re-living games like the 9-1 "Off the Schnide" romping against Calgary a couple years back when Nichol, Manny, and Orty put up big games, or the 8-5 win against Nashville when I watched Pavelski's Spin-o-Rama and 4-point 3rd period take the game back for the Sharks. Some are just fun to re-watch in general, like the win over the Nucks that saw the penalty box so full Clowe ended up on Jumbo's lap, or the big comeback against L.A. in the playoffs. Watching games from last season is both fun and informative- Niitty's strong first couple months, Niemi's games against the Blackhawks, any of Logan's general brilliance with Clowe during the first few rough months, and all the way up to fan appreciation night against the Yotes and the playoff run just a few months ago. It's funny with a "season" that touches all four natural ones how much we forget about the things that happened in Fall and Winter when Spring and early Summer roll around...

Sadly, you can't choose announcers (as far as I know). But, roughly half the games I've watched so far (8ish) have been Randy and Drew, which is an absolute delight as I'm sure you can imagine. The others feature the away teams announcers, so at least it's not Versus, but they obviously aren't as entertaining. There are no commercials and no intermissions though, and the games are only an hour and a half-ish which is nice. There's also a timeline with highlights and goals marked that you can use to skip around if you don't want to watch the whole game.

Anyway, just thought I'd share with anybody else interested in a little off-season anaesthetic and see if anybody else had tips on places to find "classic" Sharks game broadcasts. Cuz man, it'd be really great to get Randy and Drew's broadcast for all of them...


P.S. Slappy Says "Hi"



(Logan scoring the final goal and his second of a 5-2 win over the Wings in Detroit... delicious.)

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