Will Jason Demers be Trade Bait?




Hey, my first FanPost!

Just had a quick thought on Jason Demers and is availability across the league. As you all know, Jason is a very capable top 4 defenseman. He has steadily improved in his 2 full seasons with San Jose. He has gone from an unkown 7th round pick, to a 20 point producer on 2 talented Shark teams.

Now for the trade talk...

 Year Team GP G A Pts +/- PIM Hits BkS PPG PPA SHG SHA GW SOG Pct  
 2009-10 SJ 51 4 17 21 5 21 42 40 3 8 0 0 1 52 .077  
 2010-11 SJ 75 2 22 24 19 28 87 72 0 6 0 0 0 105 .019  
 Career Total 126 6 39 45 24 49 129 112 3 14 0 0 1 157 .038



Q: Why would we trade him?

A: Too much defense! Okay there is no such thing as too much defense, however with the NHL readiness (?) of Justin Braun, DW may find the best way to improve the team is by trading away one of his younger defensemen. Our D currently looks like this...





So yeah, they look pretty good, but if Braun looks like he has improved from last year, and Jason struggles, or if Braun is about the same as Jason production wise, TMC will look to have Brauny in the lineup as much as possible. Leaving Demers expendable.

What is his value?

This is a bit tricky. The most recent trades involving players like Jason are...

Andrej Meszaros to Philly for a 2nd round pick in 2012

Chris Campoli and cond. 7th round pick to Chicago for Ryan Potulny and a cond. 2nd round pick

Cam Barker to Minnesota for Kim Johnsson and Nick Leddy.

So frankly, I have no idea. DW wont trade Demers for more prospects, or draft picks. This FP is for veteran goal scorers so you all can chime in on this.

It also should be noted that the Sharks are very thin on prospects. Doherty, Benn, Sateri, Wingels, Nieto, and Petrecki round out the top 6. Thats pretty thin, so Jason may be the only trade chip we (would) have.

What is your proposed trade?

Well, if we need offense, the candidates (personally) are Jarome Iginla, Alexander Semin, Zach Parise, Vinny Lecavalier (extremes)  David Moss, Tuomo Ruutu, David Jones Horcoff, Hemsky, and Jason Chimera.

So, by the look of recent trades I would say Demers is about as valuable as a 2nd round pick (he is younger than all of the players I mentioned before, so maybe a little more...

So lets say the Canes struggle, which they may, Ruutu is coming on the last year of his contract, so perhaps he is on the block. I say:

Jason Demers, and a 5th for Tuomo Ruutu.


So again this is all completely dependent on how the season goes. I do love Demers, so its not like I wish he's gone, but if need be this could be the way to improve the offense or the PK

(edit) Okay so the comments are making it seem like I either want Demers gone (which I dont) and think a Demers Iginla swap is realistic (which its not). Let this be clear, I DONT WANT TO TRADE DEMERS. This article is like a "if we have to make a trade who may end up being traded." This also talks about our prospect and how thin we are, so it would be smart to hold onto picks and replenish our farm system.

Also because this is my first article ever, can you comment if you like how its written? Feedback is appreciated!

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