Can someone tell me why Doug Wilson traded for Dominic Moore?

He’s just another Kyle Wellwood – a short, light, 3rd line center who just pretty much does nothing and gets pushed around because of his height, weight, and overall weakness. He’s just a waste of space on the roster causing big bad Brad Winchester and Desjardins to be scratched in recent games, when Handzus should be the 3rd line center.

On the other hand, I’m sorry but the last couple of trades that DWilson has done has just been horrible. McGinn for Winnik and Galiardi? Well, look at McGinn the star in Colorado, while Winnik and Galiardi, who are great players, have done…nothing (with Galiardi even being scratched for a game.) I’d rather have Rick Nash on this roster even if it meant giving up Couture.The DMoore trade was pointless as said above. And Heatley for Havlat? Well, Havlat has been injured, and when he wasn’t injured, he did little. Rather have a 31 year old 6’4 former 50 goal scorer in Heatley (who has 20 goals for the season) than a no show. And finally, I like the Burns trade, but there had to of been a way of getting him without trading Coyle. The sharks don't have too many legitimate prospects.

And while I am it, along with DWilson, I've been kinda annoyed on how TMac makes the lines. Last season,I hated how he split the Jumbo Heated Patty line and I hated how he had Pavelski on the third line. This season, just recently, I hate how he's been scratching people who shouldn't be scratched like Winchester, Desjardins, A.Murray (What did he even do wrong to be demoted? He hustled, gave his best effort every night, and played solid defense as a forward).

The lines should be:
Marleau - Thornton - Pavelski
Clowe - Couture - Havlat
Winnik - Handzus - Galiardi
Winchester - Desjardins - Mitchell
(With Wingels replacing Havlat while he's injured, DMoore not playing at all, and Ferriero, Sheppard, F. McLaren, and A.Murray as extras)

Murray - Boyle
Vlasic - Burns
White/Vandermeer - Demers/Braun


In conclusion, seriously, fire Doug Wilson. He's made some bad moves, and good moves, but recently I just can't stand him. And I gotta feel sorry for Antero Niittmaki, DWilson has him just stored in the minors until his contract is up by the end of the season.

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