Why is this blog so awesome?

Yeah I know we want to keep it all civil and reasonable around here...


But if I make a remark and someone comes back at me with an intelligent counterargument, I know it's only proper to entertain them with an adequate rebuttal. This is hockey here guys. Courtesy is part of the game, Brent Burns volunteers his time and money to support war veterans. Doug Murray tells punks like Mark Bell that winners don't drink and drive. This is the Bay Area, the national hub of technology, academia and thrash metal.

Maybe my opinion is biased since I come from the Canada and we don't give a damn up there... But since we're internationally renowned for our decency and peace-keeping efforts, Canadians can post on FTF and expect humanity. Sure there's one or two double fanposts on the same thing... so what.

But really... Is your mommy going to read these comments and smile with pride? Are you turning it in for a grade to your 9th grade professor? (This line is so fucking awful that I'm not even sure how to improve or replace it). One of the main members listed at the bottom of the home page has a podcast and it really resonated with me. Setting up tons of restrictions can improve the collaborative experience. Do you guys really not blame your team's problems on the league? If I wanted a tin foil hat event I'd go to the Joe Louis Arena. Setting up police scanners really turns the experience into a paranoid one.

In no way do I condone trolling or repeatedly attacking someone in an unfair and biased way. But when someone like that Deep Water guy or Captain Crosscheck is posting nonsense about [how] the Sharks are terrible, "why did they trade this, why did they trade Heatley's 7.5 albatross contract", I make valid points against it. If they come back at me with a reasonable counterargument... Or post a picture of something fucking hilarious that distracts me from the conversation. That's like, academic-level respect and courtesy.

Sorry if I've stepped on your toes... No, seriously, if I've done this, let me know. I don't want to hurt anyone. D:


1. FTF and the San Jose Shark are the coolest things south of Canada.
2. The Canucks, Red Wings, Ducks and Stars can die in a fire (not literally, but standings-wise).

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