Playoff Recaps: @St. Louis Blues Game 1 4/12/12

After two nail-biting overtime periods in which Nemo kept the Sharks in, Havlat, having downed the essence of Datsyuk (The Fountain of Youth...?), scored a brilliant goal, ending the first crazy playoff game between the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues.

Alright. I'll cough it up. I only briefly caught snatches of the game. (I was in class after all.) But in the brief snatches that I did watch, the Sharks looked alive.

alive |əˈlīv|

adjective [ predic. ]

2 (of a person or animal) alert and active; animated : The Sharks come alive in the playoffs.

And seriously. The Sharks played with a fervency that was somewhat missing in the regular season. The forwards were forechecking like they were possessed, the defense had tree-felling hits (Although the great Viking was felled), and what little shots (Alright forty-two isn't small. But I want to savor this game) got through to Nemo, he stopped in a Thomas-esque fashion.

As Mr. Plank mentioned in his recap of this game, Doug Wilson looks like a genius now. That Havlat-Heatley trade is really paying off. I'm the first to say that when we were in the middle of our losing streak, I was cursing Doug Wilson and wanted his head on a pike. But from the bottom of the heart, thank you Doug Wilson, for trading a declining ex-All-Star for a Datsyukian playoff master.

I must say though, the Desjardins goal that Wingels set up wasn't pretty but it was a goal. I can see why Doug Wilson decided to trade our (beloved) McGynan cat away- Wingels is really developing. Say what you want to say, but Doug Wilson is a master of free agency and the trade deadline. Over on Bleacher Report, (WHAT? YOU READ BLEACHER REPORT? Well...yeah it preloads...however bad the writing is...) they're moaning about how the Sharks have so little depth compared to previous playoff runs, but I disagree; our 3A and 3B lines are ample replacements for lines three and four from previous runs.

One last thing that I disagree with Plank on- He's somewhat downplayed the whole playoff experience advantage. (Skip down to the next paragraph if you don't want to waste half a minute of your life.) If you were watching the home and home with LA, you would've had a cardiac arrest. (Half the time I was screaming in ecstasy, half the time I was moaning with sorrow.) In the first game, we were down 3-1. In the second game, we were down 2-0. We ended up winning both games. (Remember our 6-5 OT playoff win anyone?) As an athlete myself, it takes balls to bounce back when you're losing. (Especially in individual sports) The Sharks had the leadership and experience to say, 'We're losing but we can still win this. We'll improve shift by shift, hit by hit, goal by goal.'

What I'm trying to say is, in the playoffs, the stakes are so much higher, and every goal means so much more. When the Sharks opened the third period badly and gave up that second goal, they regrouped and Desi scored that second goal.

I believe, that if the Sharks continue to solve the Blues' (Blue's?) goalies like they did today, they have a legitimate chance to win this series. After all, everyone loves underdog wins. (1994. 'nuff said.)

Disclaimer: This was my first FanPost, so feel free to bash my writing however you like.

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