Goals for the 2012-13 Season

This post is about everything except for what actually happens on the ice. We all have the same desired outcome for the season, and predicting anything out of an upcoming season isn't going to go too well because the game can be affected by one missed call, one bounce, one deflection, one stanchion. This post is about what I want to see everywhere except on the ice.

Every game sold out

Sounds doable. Reports say 91% of season ticket holders are getting renewals, compared to 92% after the 2010-11 season.

A realignment idea that doesn't suck

Hopefully it ends up with Nashville to the SE, Winnipeg to the NW, Dallas to the Central and Colorado to the Pacific. Moving anyone further north, like Detroit or Columbus, puts a team like New Jersey in the southeast and breaks up the hatefest of rivalries that is the Atlantic Division. I don't want four conferences. I don't hope any of you guys do, either.

More player-specific chants

Without Seto or Cheechoo, we don't really have any more chants for a single player. I'd love a Nemo chant before each playoff game like the Nabby chant. Other ideas: BOOURNS! I should've thought of that one before the season ended.

Guess The Outcome Game

Over at Athletics Nation, we have something for each series called a GOG, or Guess the Outcome Game. As you can see here, it's a game where we predict the outcome for each series. This is a very good example of the type of questions we usually have. Before the beginning of each series, we answer seven questions that can vary from guessing the WPA leaders for the series to guessing who leads in outfield assists or the attendance for the series. We also have a big one at the start of the season. The whole game is a lot of fun to play and I think it would be quite popular here. I'm wondering, though, would it be done with one game per road trip, one per homestand, or one per week? I was thinking maybe doing one each week would be a good way of doing it, since the ones at AN typically cover three games, and if there's a week with just one game, we can have a special two-week GOG.

Start a Seven Nation Army chant at HP Pavilion

Because how can you resist something as awesome as this.

Can't wait until October!

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