NHL 13 Franchise mode League!

So before you give me credit for starting this on FTF, i stole this from a fan post on the Flyers blog page and thought it would be a great idea for us Sharks fans.

Hello All;

Welcome to my fanpost to try and organize an On-Line General Managers League for the XBOX 360 system.

As has been discussed a bit there are at least a few people interested in playing NHL 13 online with the new "Franchise Mode" that enables on-line play so I thought I would expand on that and leave a place for people to sign up/comment below. Check back often as I will update details based on feedback and community ideas. More after the Jump...


The Rules:

1) The League will remain open in a first come first serve manner until 30 players are reached. After this point people can request to be put on a waiting list if one of the GMs is not enjoying themselves and decides to drop out.

2) Team selection will be determined by players after a random draw for pecking order. Simply put, someone will get to pick first and someone will have to pick last. Draw will be determined when the league reaches 30 players or by release date. If the league does not reach 30 players than anyone joining late will be able to choose from the remaining pool of teams.

3) Players can choose to play anyway that is fun for them. If a GM wants to set his strategies and let other teams play against the computer, or play in the new "coach" mode, or traditional player V. player, that is the users choice. Please respect how each GM decides he has the most fun managing/playing his team.

4) Above all be respectful, this is meant to be fun and relaxing with fans of your favorite hockey club. Get along, have a good time, and play fair with one another.

This is all I can think of right now, but will edit as things come out, or more is released about the mode.

2 things to consider.

How far out people want each game "Tick" it can be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. And how often the commish advances each tick. a 2 week tick would be ~6 games to be played. My preference would be advancing ticks each Monday with 2 weeks passing each tick. This would give everyone 7 real life days to get an average of 6 games in.

Commissioner: I would be willing to do it, but whoever does has a lot of power. You approve whos in the league, advance the tick schedule, approve that trades aren't stupidly lopsided, etc. It probably means a lot of extra thankless work. The other caveat is if people want me to oversee it I am often not around my XBOX during the weekends due to other commitments so any commish duties on say Fri/Sat might get delayed.

Post up gamer tags and suggestions below. Also here are some links to current info on the mode:;jsessionid=AF9DAEB1F7589BC840BC7D65E125DA0A


Current Roster:































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