Let's take a look at how your average commenter would change the OT/SO rules

In the wake of the GM's discussing possible modifications about OT/SO and a better way to do them, I thought to myself, what does the average reader think the league should do with them? Let's take a look, shall we?

Mattie12345 (a Blue's fan, mind you, so no surprise here): "How about if it goes to a shootout neither team gets a point but the losing team, loses a point in the standings"
Yup. That's a real suggestion. It's okay, there's no such thing as a dumb question Mattie.

Bridgor Doll (not sure of what team this person is a fan of but let's say...Dallas) says: "totally crazy but sounds cool. 2 mins 3v4, then switch it 4v3 2 mins, give each team a little power play"
Very crazy Bridgor. Glad you were able to see that, but not before you decided to post it anyway and drop everyone's IQ.

Zero34 says "think it would be better if it was 10 minutes, start 4 on 4. any play AFTER the 5:00 mark would switch to 3 on 3. That way it's not 2 periods of overtime, it's one 10:00 period with a change after any whistle following the 5:00 mark. Keeps the game flowing just a bit more!"
First off... wut? You lost me somewhere in there. Send a search party please.

NidosBL says: "Am I the only one who wants to keep the shootout?"
Yes, Nidos, yes you are. Is it telling that he/she also happens to be a Devils fan? Maybe.

DTrain396 says: "Why not have the goalies fist fight to decide the winning team?"
This was obviously a joke, but it was posted by a Flyers fan, so who really knows...

Anyway just some very very very good ideas and thoughts about how to better the game of Hockey. I guess I'm glad not just anyone is allowed to be a GM... or maybe they can.

What do you guys think?

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