Jack MF Johnson intimidating the hell out of Marty "Why Am I On the Third Line?" Havlat - USA TODAY Sports

Sharks lose fifth straight, embarrassed, should blow up team, fire everybody, move to Seattle.

Well, the power play scored. That's one positive you can take away from the game if you kind of squint your eyes and look sideways.

The San Jose Sharks lost 6-2 to the Columbus Blue Jackets. And really, it's 6-1 if not for a late Joe Pavelski power play goal, which was past the point of either team really caring about the game. Nothing summed up the apathy late in the game more than a PP line of Thornton-Gomez-Clowe, a line that does not understand the concept of "shooting." That line, of course, turned the puck over, leading to a scoring chance for the Blue Jackets. Greiss stopped the shot, leading to a cascade of Bronx cheers raining down on the goalie.

That's right. The fans who have watched a goalie who didn't even know what size pads he could wear for the last three years were taunting Greiss. That's when you know things aren't exactly going your way.

It was fairly evident early on that it wasn't going to be a great night for the Sharks, allowing Brandon Dubinsky to score just 43 seconds into the game. Dubinsky went on to have two more juicy scoring chances in that period, almost giving him a natural hat trick. Which, really, was the only thing this game lacked.

Another bad omen was when the Blue Jackets did a simple clear on the PK, which almost went in for a goal as Greiss tripped trying to play it. The ghost of Vesa Toskala has returned.

Yet another bad omen (although this was right in the midst of the actually bad happenings, so I should probably just include it as "bad") was when Nick Foligno went coast-to-coast, dekeing out everybody like he was Patrick Roy dekeing Wayne Gretzky, only to be stopped by the post.

Matt Pelech justified his call-up by losing a fight. Benching T.J. Galiardi was obviously the right move.

Both special teams streaks ended up stopping tonight. The Sharks' 36 straight kills streak ended with a Columbus PP goal in the second that came after they successfully killed a 36 second 5-on-3. They also ended their futility on the PP with a goal by Pavelski, but I don't think anyone was really paying attention at that point, so does it really count?

I was kind of looking forward to using a Super Dome power outage joke about the special teams play that's as old as Chris Chelios, but I guess the Sharks wanted to take that away from me as well.

FTF 3 Stars

1st star: Brandon Dubinsky

2nd star: That guy who scored his first NHL goal.
But seriously, that's getting old.

3rd star: Uhh... Steve Mason?

And just think, this is the first game of a six game road trip! So much to look forward to, everybody!

Go Sharks.

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