Things Stupid People Say

I was on TSN reading that hilarious trade article involving Boyle, when I decided to look through the comments. What I saw inspired me......................... to write post about how stupid they are.

First up is from das_hip:

Boyle should have been dealt two years ago by San Jose, he costs you more than he brings. Thornton isn't going anywhere, nor is Pavelski, Couture, Clowe or Burns (only because Burns' contract, age and that they still haven't had a full, healthy Burns in SJ yet)....everybody else is for sale. Boyle? Take a 2nd or 3rd round pick and get rid of him. They have a log jam of mid-sized, offensive minded defencemen in SJ, but they don't have a shut-down pair.

What. the. fuck. First off, you obviously don't watch Sharks games, otherwise you would know that the Sharks play terribly, TERRIBLY!!! without Boyle in the line up. For example, the power play. I think it was neutral that said Boyle isn't a big part of the power play, he IS the power play. At 36, he is still one of the top puck moving defenseman in the league, and he hasn't given too much indication that he is slowing down. If he isn't overused, I could see him giving 3-4 more years of good to great play. Also, this is a good time to rant about his underrated defensive game. This used to be talked about quite a bit on Fear the Fin, why it still isn't, I don't know. One of the reasons Boyle was considered by a lot of people to be the best offensive defenseman in the league when we traded for him, was that he was great on the defensive side of the puck too. Maybe I have missed something and his defensive game has fallen off, because I don't see it discussed on here anymore. He still seems great to me though. I haven't watched much Sharks hockey yet (I think I am still grouchy over the lockout) but in seasons past hearing Randy Hahn say "and a great defensive play by Boyle!" Was very common throughout the game. I may be crazy, but I think he could make it onto a lot of teams' second d-pairing just passed on his defensive game alone.

Also, he didn't mention Marleau as untradeable, so he is probably one of "those" Sharks fans, if he even is a Sharks fan.......idiot.

From reidstkd:

Why is anyone kicking tires on Burke? They need a side show?

Burke is hilarious and awesome, shut up. Also, that Leafs team that is doing pretty good right now, he built that. The Leafs would have probably made the postseason the past two years if they weren't as injury prone as Rick DiPietro. But this year they have lots of depth, so I doubt that will matter. Apparently rebuilding projects are supposed to take a couple of years..........morons.

This one from sens fan called hockeyeh:

can we get Boyle for Ottawa's shot this year? We have a plethora of forwards that can play 3rd line for SJ.

Haha, you are adorable. He is only worth a third liner from Team Canada and maybe Team USA.

From loudpiper:

The real story is where will Kessel and Phaneuf wind up and what will Toronto expect but get in return.

Kessel and Phaneuf will be playing the roles of Thornton and Marleau in The Return of the Gutless. Because actually doing research to find out that they are actually great players is too much work.

That's all I have for now.

I'll probably post again when I get inspired again.

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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