Realignment Proposal

I’ve heard rumors that the NHL is going to try and work out realignment during this season and upcoming offseason. The league and players could end up agreeing to the radical "4 Conference/Division" plan, which would have obvious travel issues in addition to uneven playoff chances between 8 and 7 team divisions or they could take the less radical approach of just trading the Jets for one team from the Central division.

Everyone is going to have an opinion or proposal as concerns how realignment should look. I’ve been a hockey fan for almost 20 years now so I’m pretty well qualified to determine how the league should look and operate. As all of you know, nothing makes you better suited to run a team or a league than watching from the stands and on the TV for a long time. Luckily for the NHL I’ve decided to put my impressive credentials to good use and propose what should be the obvious solution for realignment.

Here is the current map:

My proposal will maintain 2 Conferences with 3 Divisions of 5 teams each and will look like this.




San Jose Sharks

Los Angeles Kings

Anaheim Ducks

Phoenix Coyotes

Colorado Avalanche


Vancouver Canucks

Edmonton Oilers

Calgary Flames

Winnipeg Jets

Minnesota Wild


Chicago Blackhawks

Detroit Red Wings

St. Louis Blues

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars



Tampa Bay Lightning

Florida Panthers

Washington Capitals

Carolina Hurricanes

Nashville Predators


Toronto Maple Leafs

Ottawa Senators

Buffalo Sabres

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins


Boston Bruins

New York Rangers

New York Islanders

New Jersey Devils

Montreal Canadiens


Flawless. Could it be better than this? Maybe if we had 28 teams or 32 teams. For 30 teams located where they are, this is the best plan that could possibly be proposed or exist, ever.

Feel free to tell me how awesome my plan is in the comments. I would offer you to leave criticism or suggestions too but I just don’t see where there is room for any, considering how perfect my plan clearly is.

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