Time-shifting Bakes and Ruzzie into Second Season (Cue Huey Lewis & The News)



Randy and Drew may be "Outatime," but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the gutless commentary of Jeremy "Biff" Roenick, and company! So grab your flux capacitor and life jacket, Marty McHavlat, because when this baby hits 98.5, you’re going to hear some serious schneid!

Two years ago, I wrote an article on a few ways that fans could maintain the local play-by-play and color commentary of the San Jose Sharks Radio Network for the duration of the Sharks playoff run. The original article was geared more towards syncing the radio with the TV, under the presumption that most fans that cared about local commentary were, well, local.

This updated version rectifies that oversight, and is fin-friendly for those that bleed teal both near and far wanting to hear Dan Rusanowsky (@DanRusanowsky) and Jamie Baker (@Bakes_Jamie13) over the NBC commentary that is almost nonsensical at times.

What it "Time-shifting?"

In a nutshell, Timeshifting is using recording and playback technology to synchronize an audio and a video source. In our case, this involves the NBC Sports video feed, and the Audio feed from KFOX.

For Fans in Teal Sweaters (Those within broadcast range of KFOX):

The options are pretty much the same as the previous article; you have 4 options:

Option #1: Use your PC to "Delay" the radio to match the TV. ($10 cable)

While I could go into great detail on how to do this on a PC, there's a fantastic web page devoted to this topic: Bote's Radio Delay Tips. Hit the Jump, and take a read. All you need is a PC, a radio with a headphone jack, and a 1/8" male-to-male stereo headphone patch cable (available at Fry's and Radio Shack for less than the cost of a beer at The Tank).

Option #2: The iPod Nano ($150)



Most people know that the iPod Nano has a radio, but did you know that it also supports time-shifting? You can actually "pause" a live broadcast, and the nano will store up to 1 hour of media before it starts dropping programming (apple calls the feature "Live Pause"). The best part? If you have an iPod dock with speakers, you can share Dan and Jamie with the rest of the viewers in the room. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to leave the headphones plugged in, even while docked, as they are the antenna for the radio in the iPod.

To sync up:

  • Listen live, then pause at a key moment (say, start of period, a face off, a goal),
  • Un-pause it when the TV hits the same key moment. This shouldn't be more than a 5-10 second wait.

(Note: the radio is in ALL iPod Nano models, check the Apple website for additional info how to get to it and use the live pause feature).

Option #3: The Griffin radioSHARK/radioSHARK2 (PC/Mac) - $45



This is, quite possibly, the best (and coolest) option. Think of it as a TiVo for radio. Like the iPod, it supports time-shifting, but unlike the iPod, you can set up scheduled recording times, save recordings, and load them into your iPod or MP3 player. Plus it’s a Shark. A RADIO Shark.

These are becoming harder to find: Griffin has ceased production of the device, but you can still find them on some online e-tailers and eBay. Given the Option, go for the newer Black unit—the radioSHARK2: it comes with an external antenna that you’ll have to pay extra for if you get the white version. Other than that, the units are functionally identical.

To sync up:

  • Listen live, then pause at a key moment (say, start of period, a face off, a goal),
  • Un-pause it when the TV hits the same key moment. This shouldn't be more than a 5-10 second wait.

Option #4: Timeshift Apps for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android phone (free!)



As an iPhone user, and a hockey fan, I often want to listen to other games when the Sharks aren't playing. My favorite is TuneIn Radio, an app that lets you listen to any radio station on the web, and supports time shifting as well. The downside? KFOX streams seem to have a bit of a delay already, which sometimes is actually greater than that on the TV. Your Mileage May Vary. Sync to the TV the same way you would with the iPod Nano: listen live, then pause at a key moment (say, start of period, a face off, a goal), then un-pause it when the TV hits that moment.

(NOTE: As of this writing, the Windows Phone and Flash-based Web versions of TuneIn Radio do not support live pause. Write to them and tell them to add it!)

For Fans in White Sweaters (Those outside of the broadcast range of KFOX):

TIVO, HOPPER, Xfinity DVR, or a third party DVR will be required. Almost all of these systems have a "live TV pause" feature that will let you pause the TV broadcast (a 5 second delay from live) with the WebCast audio stream on (a 30 second delay from live).

Same rules apply:

  • Turn on both streams.
  • When a key moment happens in play (whistle, penalty, goal), pause the DVR.
  • Wait for the Audio Stream to catch up, and take the DVR off Pause.

Some controls lag a bit, so you may have to try this a few times to make the sync. If you mess it up, just "go to live feed" on the DVR, and start the steps over.

International Options:

People outside of the US have one thing that is enviable to state-side fans: they have no blackout zones on NHL Gamecenter in most markets. That said, there really are only a few options for international viewers, and they are completely subject to local government restrictions, availability of certain sites, and are subject to the technical limitations of latency in your area..

The best solution involves use of "live pause" on NHL Gamecenter and the KFOX audio stream at Again, because you’re using the digital stream for KFOX, you have a built-in delay of around 30 seconds. Depending on your location and connection speed, NHL Gamecenter may have an equal or longer delay.

The good news is that you can use Gamecenter’s built in "pause" feature to sync it up with a delayed audio stream, or, if the video stream is delayed, use TuneIn Radio built-in live pause on your iPhone, iPad or Android device to delay the KFOX audio feed (Windows phone and TuneIn Radio web client do not yet support "live pause" feature).

And that about covers it. Please comment below if you have more methods for doing this. I’ll update this post periodically to incorporate constructive comments and additional methods.


This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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