Potential Free Agent Signings

Since I'm too lazy to scan through the various message boards, I thought I'd make a post asking everybody's opinion on the free agent market this year. Probably not worth putting too much thought into, DW seems to prefer trading and drafting rather than signing big name UFAs, but I really don't want to write this paper I'm working on right now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I'd say the Sharks could improve on:

-Offensive depth, particularly at RW

-Same thing I guess, but bottom 6 players who can score

-Bona fide scorer to play with Jumbo (I don't see Gali staying on that line, even if he was effective)

The organization is looking pretty stacked on defense, especially if Larry Robinson and Jim Johnson stick around; those guys really seem to be able to develop young defensemen looking at the progress of Braun, Demers and Irwin in the past year.

As for the Sharks NHL UFAs:

Raffi Torres- I'd be surprised if he didn't get resigned

Scott Hannan- Not sure, but his play in the playoffs should earn him a short contract, given he wants to resign.

Scott Gomez- I'm all for another small contract, but I doubt he is and he probably want more minutes

Thomas Griess- Maybe? He's had his ups and downs. We'll actually need a backup for Nemo next year, he can't play 82 games

Alex Stalock- I have no idea. I don't know much about him or other goaltender prospects

UFAs that caught my attention:

Damien Brunner- decent skill player at a decent price-- if he doesn't resign with the wings

Jarome Iginla- hahaha no. That won't happen

Viktor Stalberg- Seems a lot of people on FTF think he'd be a good signing for the bottom 6. His stats aren't the best but he's fast and had a right hand shot (apparently)

Ian White- I doubt this happens, we don't need defense. Still, I loved the way he played for the Sharks in the 2011 playoffs, great shot, and given his doghouse status in Detroit he'd probably come at a discount. His use in Detroit could be a red flag.

So I didn't exactly address the points I talked about, whatever. Anybody have any ideas?

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