NHL14 FTF GM connected

Hey Fear the Fin community,

EA sports has released their demo for NHL 14 and, despite being relatively identical to the previous rendition of this franchise, I plan on buying this title as soon as it is released.

Last year, I was haphazardly bequeathed the commissioner of the FTF communities’ GM Connected group midway through the season. As a result, I was ill prepared and generally got the sense, by the lack of communication from the participants, that there was no interest in continuing the season. I have decided to organize another gm connected, this time with NHL14, for the FTF community and in light of my experience last year, I am going to try to do things differently to generate more interest in the game and retain that interest throughout the year.

I would like to produce a monthly or bi monthly media release with highlights from games played in the league. My background is in audio production/film score, so I can have some fun with this. GMs will simply need to spend a little time learning how to save highlights from the instant replay function and posting them onto the EAsports webpage. I can assist people in this regard.

League Guidelines:

-Schedule will be advanced every week on Sunday sometime. There will be interruptions during holidays and other extraneous circumstances.

- Each week, you will be emailed the GMs you are scheduled to play against and it is up to both of you to schedule a time mutually convenient to complete your games.

- If you cannot come to a mutually convenient time, there are two options:

1. One person decides to allow the computer to play in their place

2. Both players agree to allow the game to be simmed

- By popular vote, one day per week will be designated that you must be available to play your games, else you MUST opt to allow the computer or a non GM player to play for you.

-Players who are consistently unavailable will be removed from their position as GM

-Trades will not be available with CPU run GMs until 2 months, real time, into the season.

- Team choice will be ordered randomly and any GMs joining after the lottery will have to choose from what is left over.

- Non GM players will be permitted once all 30 GM spots are filled

Requirements for GMs in this league:

1. An email address

2. A ps3

3. Own NHL 14

4. No Ducks fans (semi serious)

How to join:

Simply send an email to with:

1. Your email

2. One day a week that is ideal for you to complete your games.

3. Your PSN name

4. Let me know if you are willing to share your email with other players, we can use the PS3 messaging system in that case

This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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