Forward pairings 2012-2013 (plus Tyler Kennedy's usage chart)

There is nothing like line speculation to get people excited for hockey. I started a forward pairing sheet of CF% (Corsi For %) when the season ended (via, and I can't remember if anybody else actually did this and put it up. I thought it would be good to remember which pairings really stood out.

(Note: I read this by focusing on one column at a time. I choose a player column and then look at their partners and performance. When the players "meets himself" is their total CF%.)

marleau thornton couture havlat burns pavelski wingels galiardi clowe sheppard torres gomez handzus burish desjardins
marleau 52.5 57 51.7 55.1 54.2 45.5
thornton 57 54.5 51 49.8 57.5 54.7 61.5 53.7
couture 51.7 51 52.5 53.9 53.7 49.5 57.9
havlat 55.1 49.8 53.9 51.5 51.7 56.2
burns 57.5 53.7 51.7 55.7 60.6
pavelski 54.2 54.7 52.2 46.7 49 53.7 40.8 53.1
wingels 45.5 49.5 46.7 48.5 47.5 52.4 49.7 51.4 47
galiardi 61.5 60.6 49 47.5 51.1 43.3 54.7 35.3 42
clowe 53.7 57.9 56.2 53.7 53.8 51.4
sheppard 40.8 52.4 43.3 50 52.6 57.5 49 50.9
torres 53.1 49.7 49.9
gomez 51.4 54.7 51.4 52.6 51.7 46.2 49.2
handzus 47 35.3 57.5 49.6 47.1 47.3
burish 42 49 46.2 47.1 44.2 46.3
desjardins 50.9 49.2 47.3 46.3 48

What am I excited for? For me, a full season of Thornton-Burns (perhaps getting a lot of offensive zone draws). What we saw last year might only be the tip of the iceberg. And by the way, they were paired the 3rd most among the forwards, so that 57.5 CF% is as legitimate as any of the other numbers (full .xls here).

Final note: here is Tyler Kennedy's usage chart (via plus Wingels, Torres, and Sheppard for context (I don't think this was posted before either). Positive Corsi, plays against good players, and 50-50 zone start; so numbers are not inflated due to start position, wasn't sheltered from tough lines, and coaches had confidence to use him in both areas. Seems like a really useful, versatile player that could free others to slot in. We might be undervaluing this signing, in terms of what flexibility he could bring to the lineup. TMac will definitely have a big spread of ingredients to line blend.



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