Sharks vs. Oilers fan recap

1st period

The Sharks begin the first period with much of the same intensity they showed in Anaheim two days ago. Only this time the Sharks are finishing their chances and are showing that they have the more talented team on the ice tonight. with 17 shots on goal this period, i think we are seeing a different side to the Fins and that would be heart. Any team could have just come out tonight with their hearts sunk and head held down low, and it would be understandable after suffering a 6-3 loss to the Ducks. It seems however this team as it has been for most of the year, are resilient. The Sharks finish the period with two goals to the Oilers zero. Those goals coming from Brent Burns, who is now completely settled in at forward. As many of you know Burnzie was but just one year ago playing on the Sharks defensive squad. The second goal from the Sharks came from none other then the boy wonder himself Patrick Marleau.

2nd Period

The Sharks and Oilers resume the second period much the way they finished the first but, unlike the first they have come out more aggressive, more intense, and showing more and more with each minute that passes why they are the better team in the division. the Sharks tack on two goals early the first by the very hot Bracken Kearns. The second comes from another sweet goal by Logan Couture. Logan has certainly had me eating my own word this past week as the once goal drought stricken cooch has three goals over the last three games. one falter by the sharks however puts the Oilers on the board making it 4-1. If there is one player however that seems to not be doing his part for the team it has to be Nemo. What separates him from being a complete shut down goaltender is his instinct to be more passive in net. The example coming from the goal scored by Neil Yakupov had Nemi come out of the crease and closed down the angle on Yakupov he could have easily made the pad save on the puck. The Sharks however go into the 3rd period up 4-1.

3rd period

the Sharks come out for the third period looking to just close the game out. Playing a more of a command and control role now. Still playing a heavy forecheck which as a fan is really good to see from your team no matter who they are. What every Stanley Cup winning team has that the opposing teams do not has always been a fantastic forecheck. The Kings Blackhawks and bruins all had very strong and intimidating forechecks. but where the Sharks seem to be lacking in the third period as of late is discipline. Freddy Hamilton and Dan Boyle had stints in the box this period. The Sharks much improved penalty kill seems to keep the team on even keel however. Another improvement the Sharks are showing as of late is in the neutral ice giveaways column. A goal by Joe Pavelski gives the Sharks its comfortable 4 goal advantage the had midway throught the second and it looks as much of a lock for the Sharks.

San Jose Sharks stats

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