Game 7 preview

Well here we are. Same scenario as last year. Win or go home. Obviously everyone is still talking about the "controversial game winner" but get over it, its over and move on. What irritated me more so than anything about that goal, was the teams lack of response to tie it up. Once it go to 3-1, it was sealed. Earlier in the game, the sharks get an opportunity with a 5 on 3 power play but 2 SHOTS! Shoot the puck! My 3 keys to the game going into game 6 were:

1) Physical play - Which happened a little here and there but nothing like games 1 & 2. The most physical part of that game were the altercations towards the end.

2) Special teams - 0-4....all those weapons and a big goose egg.

3) Our big guys - Anybody else know that Joe Thornton is a -4? Brent Burns has 11 shots but no goals.

Now on to game 7.....

Who is the pressure on?

To me, its San Jose. Up 3-0 and on the verge of being a "choke artist" again astounds me. Kings may have a little pressure but no where near the pressure that San Jose is facing. Kings have won 3 straight by outscoring the Sharks 13-4.Kings are playing with all the confidence in the world

Who starts in net?

Its a toss up. Either goalie is capable but the question is who is going to show up defensively? I thought Matt Irwin did a good job filling in for Vlasic and overall the defense was good for 50 minutes. Stalock held his own very well until the defense collapsed in front of him.

Should the lines be switched up a bit?

I dont know how I feel about this. Havlat played eh alright, his defensive fault cost the first goal of the game. I think for game 7 you bring Brown back, if not brown Kennedy? Tough to say at this point. All the guys in that locker room need to show up and be ready from the start.

Little fun facts about each team in game 7's

Los Angeles is 4-4 in game 7's

San Jose is 5-3 in game 7's

Bottom Line

3 keys to game 7

1) Fast Start - Be the sharks team we are all used to seeing at home. Come out on the gas pedal right away and put them in a hole early.

2) Big guys show up - Again, Thornton, Pavelski, Marleau, Burns, Couture, need to show up and produce.

3) Finish - Finish this series off and go duck hunting. Too good of a team to be knocked out in the first round, especially after being up 3-0.

Prediction - As much as I would love to see the sharks blow em out, 3-2 in OT Boyle GW.

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