What the hell is with this off season?

So I have been wanting to write a short synopsis of my distaste for the offseason for about a week now but DW keeps doing things that piss me off and i feel i cannot just write expletives for the whole post. So instead here are my bullet points on the offseason so far and ideas going forward:

1. How do we go from a "team" putting 111 points in the regular season to "coworkers" after we lost in the playoffs? This is echoing what a lot of readers said in the comments, and I for one think its a load of horse shit that the team just wasnt a team. Plus I would point to that specific issue comming from management and the coaches, they are the ones responsible for team chemistry.

2. I have never been so frustrated by the word rebuild. Its not that I cant see why a rebuild would be a good idea, but my issue with that being thrown out is that there have been no significant steps taken towards that goal. If your going to rebuild then do it. That means trading most of your older players for picks and prospects. But if your not 100% sure you can trade away your older players then dont say it in the first place. I feel that if the Sharks had said okay we clearly need to add some scoring depth and solidify the defense then we can make a better run at the cup, the fan base would feel much better about the offseason. However, DW started with rebuild and then decided to save face and say that there are many ways you can rebuild. Come to think of it, it sounds like his strategy this summer is following his exact plan, one giant step backward to go two steps forward.

3. Mike Brown being signed did get me all up in arms as much as others. If he is a good guy in the room and helps our forecheck for the 7-10 mins he is on the ice then im down. John Scott getting signed on the other hand... Well that just makes no sense. Which brings me too...

4. Holy hell was I mad upon hearing of us signing John Scott. Its just doesent follow anything that DW has said for his plans of rebuild and it certainly does not add any offensive or defensive skill, thats for damn sure. I saw a tweet from David Pollock saying that SJSharks brass felt team chemistry was better when Scott Parker and Jody Shelley were on the team. Well no shit guys. Of course it was! Why? Oh I dont know maybe because those two guys had great personalities along with unmatched personal responsibility and accountability on the ice. They also played in a league that was not as fast as todays nhl and that allowed them to use there small amount of hockey talent to contribute on the scoreboard. Parker was a 30 goal scorer in juniors and got pushed in to the fighting role but he was a hockey player first and foremost. Shelley was the same way being very adept on the forecheck. John Scott looks like Zangeif from Street Fighter with a pair of ice skates on. But after being thoroughly pissed about it i feel this is the only way this is going to work; First- John Scott needs to be on the power play. Yes you read right. He needs to spend his 6 1/2 mins on the ice on the power play doing nothing but standing in front of the goalie. His only skating will be done back and forth between the offensive blueline and the top of the crease. He will be like a bigger fatter sean avery as his ass will just envelop the opposing the goalies view leaving thornton marleau pavs couch and hertl to just pot goals at ease. Second- John Scott will be required to wear the number 00, as representation of how many points he will get this year.

5. Im not happy about ice girls at SAP. I just feel its unnecessary. There are so many women who like hockey and they dont need to be galvanted around just to bring in the extra 50 seat tickets sold on the lower bowl per night to see them. If thats what it takes to sell tickets and merchandise why dont the ticket office women employess wear bikinis and the shark tank crew as well???

6. Welcome Tye McGinn and Talor Fedun! I am very pleased with theese signings. I feel both players could be key pieces going forward and this is the closest ive seen to starting the rebuild DW has been talking about.

7. Drew Remenda being shown the door might be the worst news i have heard this offseason. I feel that Drew is the best color man in the and damn the Sharks for wanting to gobin a different direction. Horrible decision!

Its been a tough year and offseason. I think DW and the Sharks organization needs to take a look in the mirror and check themselves on what they are doing and where they are going so that we can get to and win the cup.

Go Sharks!


This item was created by a member of this blog's community and is not necessarily endorsed by Fear The Fin.

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