Game Seven Recap: Detroit Red Wings 4, San Jose Sharks 2

4 2

This is getting old.
Losing to Detroit isn't the issue.  They're an elite team.  They know how to win.  The issue is once again, when the Sharks ran into an opponent that stood up to them, San Jose folded its tent and played like a bunch of scared little rabbits constantly running into each other.
Why is this team so gutless and inconsistent?  They run around without a clue on what to do.  They can't handle any kind of pressure put on them by the defense.  They pass and pass and pass not because they're making a play, but because no one wants to be responsible for anything or pay the price in driving toward the net.  They look lost in their own zone.  They take stupid penalties.  Marcel Goc played like an absolute moron and was directly responsible for two of Detroit's goals.  As if the Red Wings need help scoring; they have more than enough firepower to take care of it on their own.
What is it going to take to get this team playing consistent, hard-nosed hockey?  I don't understand how the exact same scenario we saw tonight has been allowed to go on for years without being resolved.  There is an obvious leadership void on this team.  Whether it's on the ice, behind the bench, in the front office, or a combination thereof is a matter of debate.  What cannot be debated is the utter unacceptability of yet another pathetic outing by the So Scared Kids.  This needs to end two ways.  Permanently and


.  If not, expect yet another year of exiting the playoffs early.  Assuming they get there at all.