Just A Thought...

(Hat tip to all y'all out there who've been humming and buzzing on the below mentioned subject in your comments. Hey -- start writing some diary entries as well, will ya?)

As usual I'm running on Zamboni fumes, but nevertheless wanted to jot this down before crashing for the evening.

A quick glance at the Pacific Division standings shows Los Tiburones with 88 points (a little something for the Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans) and twelve games left to play. Dallas has 89 points with nine games left, while Anaheim has 85 points with ten games left on their schedule.

The Sharks, Ducks, and Stars all have two games left against each other, one home and one away.

For San Jose's part, they have struggled at home this season against both Dallas (0-3) and Anaheim (0-2-1). However, all games were played in the BBC (Before Brian Campbell) era, plus Jonathan Cheechoo was either hurt or ineffective for most of said games. Ditto for Patrick Marleau.

Now, away from the Tank the Sharks are 3-0 against the Stars and 1-0-2 against the Ducks. Again, please note the Sharks haven't seen either team since mid-January. Again, note that Cheechoo has scored sixteen of his twenty-two goals thus far since the last time San Jose saw either Dallas or Anaheim. That's sixteen goals in twenty-three games, as compared to six in the first thirty-nine games he's played (remember, he missed several games in December). And it cannot be overstated everything that transpired between the three teams took place in the BBC days. And before Marleau showed up.

It must be noted both Dallas (Brad Richards) and Anaheim (return of Teemu Selanne) have also improved themselves since the last time all parties concerned met, although Anaheim is somewhat hampered with leading goal scorer Corey Perry currently on the shelf. The moral of the story is... well, actually there isn't one other than the Pacific Division is going to be one monster fight to see who gets to raise the division champion banner next year. Of course it'd be far preferable to see it raised in San Jose alongside a Western Conference champion banner and one with Lord Stanley's cup mentioned as being in SJ Sharkie's possession. But first things first.